Interlude Campaign: Part 15 Discussion

This is NOT the roll thread, so don’t post those here (but good luck for anyone trying for someone!)

This is just to discuss any interlude stories for people or new gameplay potential for those that got buffs. And, since it’s half AP for every Interlude, y’all also don’t have to worry if you’re behind and you want to talk about someone who isn’t part of this specific campaign! I’m always behind on mine in general, plus I lucked into Abby recently and she has one, so I’ll probably say something about older ones myself.

But, from this specific batch we have the following 7:

(5* Saber) Dioscuri: story only
(5* Archer) Sei Shounagon: story only
(2* Archer) Paris: story only
(5* Lancer) Romulus=Quirinus: story only
(1* Rider) Bartholomew Roberts: story only
(5* Assassin) Li Shuwen: NP buff
(4* Ruler) Astraea: NP buff

Old Man Li:

He receives a pretty generic NP interlude, buffing basically just the damage by the usual amount. It does bump up the Instant-Kill chance from 100% to 150% (see the recent Ashiya Douman thread for a little bit on how that chance is actually calculated), but as a ST boss killer I’d assume you’re generally using him against chonkier enemies who are far less likely to fall to that mechanic.

Let’s look at his NP damage:

NP Level Description Old Damage New Damage
NP1 35.1k 46.8k
NP1 Burst 42.6k 56.8k
NP2 46.8k 58.5k
NP2 Burst 56.8k 71.0k
NP5 58.5k 70.2k
NP5 Burst 71.0k 85.3k

On burst turns, he’s generally lower than King Hassan at equal NP levels, on both regular damage (KH goes 51.7k—>86.1k) and on burst turns (KH hits 574k—>95.7k), MHX (even without either of her traits, she goes 53.0k—>79.5k), Kama (43.9k, so starts lower, but NP5 is 73.0k). He does solidly win against non-Female facing Jack (43.6k—>68.6k Burst vs. Males. Against Females her burst is 65.5k—>102.9k).

His advantages are his NP gain and following his NP turn with devastating crit damage. He did really need that buff though to remain competitive with his 5* counterparts - taking MHX, his previous 1-turn damage @NP5 was lower than her constant NP damage by an average of 8.5k.


Astraea’s NP buff comes with a damage boost and more utility - it now allows her to Ignore Invincibility for the entire turn.

NP Level Description Old Damage New Damage
NP1 32.4k 43.2k
NP1 Anti-Evil 48.6k 64.7k
NP1 Burst 41.2k 54.9k
NP1 Both 61.8k 82.3k
NP2 43.2k 53.9k
NP2 Anti-Evil 64.7k 80.8k
NP2 Burst 54.9k 68.6k
NP2 Both 82.3k 102.8k
NP5 53.9k 64.7k
NP5 Anti-Evil 80.8k 97.0k
NP5 Burst 68.6k 82.3k
NP5 Both 102.8k 123.4k

She was an amazing Servant before this buff - able to NP really hard, tanky due to being a Ruler, with good skills that buffed her Attack, Defense, NP gen, Crit Absorb, Crit Damage, and a couple of star bombs. She was possibly the strongest ST 4* Servant out there.

She is now just utterly bonkers. :fgo_ohoho:

Welfare NP5 da Vinci Ruler hits for 67.0k - she has no traits to take advantage of, which is really good, but NP2 Astraea beats that without fighting “Evil” enemies.

NP2 Astraea is also about equal to NP5 Summer Martha (without traits) - and on Waterside fields AND against Divine/Demon/Undead enemies, Martha hits for a max of 134.4k - NP5 Waterside (67.2k) is about NP5 regular (64.7k) Astraea, and NP5 Divine/Demon/Undead (115.2k) is less than NP5 Evil Astraea.


Astraea is one of the most self-sufficient ST wave-clearers in this entire game.

Wiping out 3 enemies even outside of her burst turn and no Castoria isn’t unheard of as long as you keep making sure she has stars. I say Castoria isn’t quite necessary because I used her this way for like a year before we got Castoria. I think I just used some combo of Hans, Merlin, and CasGil most of the time. Adding in Castoria and giving her invincibility pierce for the NP turn is just mean. It’s basically just NP every single turn, possibly with overcharge.

Her crits are absolutely absurd for an Arts servant and I am so glad I grailed her to 90 and got her to NP7 or whatever it is now through I think 4 spooks at this point.

If you hope to roll anybody in this entire banner and are on the fence in any way it should be her.


It’s insane what she can be capable of, absolutely. I remember feeling in the discussion thread when she released that I might have been overhyping her but then I got my own copy and it was “no, no - she is actually that good” :feh_navarreculture:


Paris and Barty gang represent :fgo_kamagrimace:

Wish I had Luvia


I have all these characters this time around but I am actually looking forward more to the story than the upgrades. Really want to see Dioscuri and Romulus be fleshed out more, I just hope it’s not some generic Rome related story with Boudica …

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4 Interludes for me, the one I have been looking forward the most is definitely Romulus Quirinus Boudica’s 2nd Interlude.

But hopefully Sei’s will be nice, she is a fun character.

Maybe it’ll be a generic Rome related storyline with Nero instead!

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Only 2 interludes for me but that’s exactly how many I need to get 10sq.

Also, getting mass-spooked out of an NP5 Luvia stings even harder now. Imagine the possibilities

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I’m imagining 123.4k possibilities :fgo_sthenosmug:

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Lv90 so it’s actually more than that

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It’s better than Caesar at least.

Astraea has spooked me on every single banner I’ve rolled this year, so I should be excited about these buffs, but… when am I even going to use her? 1/1/1 farming nodes when?

Sucks that I only have Astrea at NP3. Another copy would have been better.

Still sad that my Astraea is only NP2 (and one of those copies was a spook) while Reines is NP3. I would 120 her if I could, I fucking love Luvia :fgo_okitacry:

Nevertheless I’m looking forward to this.

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Just suplex bosses with her. She’s great at it generally speaking.


She can take out entire waves on a single turn unless they have break bars. You don’t need to limit her to single target nodes.

Day infinity of waiting for them to implement replayable boss battles. :fgo_deadinside:

With the right card draw, sure, but so can a lot of ST units. Unfortunately she doesn’t provide the rest of the team with any buffs, so it’s gonna be a clunky affair. Not exactly an incentive to use her.

This is just so dumb, pointing out how dumb it is was the nicest thing I could come up with.

Give your Astraea spooks to Recks!


Usually the DPS doesn’t support any other units, not that I care for that unless it’s a team that runs multiple DPS’s and one of the DPS’s is so weak that they can’t rely on just their own buffs or universal buffs from a support unit to get the job done.

Pointing out how dumb it is would involve explaining why it’s dumb

If I could trade them away, I would. Gimme some more Nitos or a Deon. They never show up :fgo_badciv: