Interlude Campaign: Part 15 Discussion

Right, but if you’re relying on ST DPSes to clear a wave of three enemies, and you don’t want to depend on pulling a Card-NP-Card-Extra chain to do so, you probably want some teamwide support. It’s not very reliable otherwise.

I tend to not use ST NP servants on 3 enemy waves because it doesn’t really work. Other than when I first started out and my one AoE servant was Emiya at NP1 with many ST servants like Astraea. We have many AoE NP servants now to delete things with so I don’t have to card for many turns.

Horizontal buffing becomes more and more important in the march towards 90++, and it already matters for a lot of 90+.

I don’t prioritize Astraea for my own irregular farming, but setting her up for some 90+ nodes would be easy enough. With her NP strengthened, she could possibly even give her s1 to someone else.


It’s dumb because there is (with very few exceptions) always another servant who can do what ____ does.

You asked how to use her. I told you how. I’ve used her that way extensively for something like 18 months. With her upgrade it will get even easier. She is insanely good at the DPS role. If you already have a ST servant who buffs the rest of the team, like Penth, then use her unless you need a looper who can solo a lot of boss fights.

Yeah it can matter for 90+ and 90++, but it always depends on the node. With plugsuit and the proper supports and DPS’s 3Ting is possible for all these nodes if you have the right servants. I even used Astraea during 90+ for last Shishoufest with Artoria and a Castoria and no plugsuit to 3T clear.

That appears to be the point I’m making. She actually is a decent candidate for those farming nodes, depending on configuration. With her firepower increased, she now has more flexibility to use her buff for someone else.


Hmm… I might have to look into this for Christmas actually. She can probably handle Summer Yu’s role in 90+ with the Castoria charismas in the mix. Wonder if I could greed a plugless comp with appends factored in…

I did!?

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I think so and then I said to keep calm and suplex enemies that weigh way more than Astraea because magic.

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That’s certainly the vibe I got from:

This is the broken down soul of a person who doesn’t know to incorporate a winning Astraea comp and needs us to guide him to the path of balance.


I know how to use her, it’s just a matter of… when is the opportunity? I still haven’t used Vlad for anything since Castoria came out, and Sitonai mostly only shows up for the rare Foreigner fights. I think I’ve used Kama a whole once to take out the Alter Ego in Arjuna Alter’s fight.
There are lots of ST units to use and not much content tailored towards them, so finding an opportunity to use each one is difficult. It’s a once-in-a-blue-moon affair, and even when that time arrives, it’s usually just one instance.

She’s pretty darn good against the final LB 5.5 boss, so she’ll get another chance to shine.

But yeah, you’re just suffering from success for having a big roster. It’s why I like events, because the powermod and Bond bonuses break up the same-old, same-old. I’m even looking forward to the new Interludes to break the pace.

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currently only did paris interlude. It was really well done

Dioscuri interlude is funny as always!

Gonna do the rest later or tomorrow.


I’ve used my Sitonai and Vlad a lot since Castoria’s release, especially on 90+ nodes. Vlad was a top choice for the Ibuki fight as well, I’m not even a fan of Vlad particularly, he just works :man_shrugging:


Interlude thoughts:

Bart, kinda funny.

Paris, more Paris coddling.

Astraea, thought it would be boring but the ending somewhat sticks the landing. What I initially thought was going to be a shallow excuse for a mirror match actually circled back around to being relevant so kudos.

Roma, chicken hunting, back to a year 1-. Reaches third arrow Oh… Well shit that was actually really good. Boudica’s patience and acceptance finally reaching a very understandable and human limit, knowing this isn’t the answer but not being able to stand suppressing her feelings anymore. The writer’s taking the time to specify that it was the London Grail acting up(Fuyuki is technically our first Grail). The ultimate resolution not actually making them make nice but simply accept it’s not the time. Even that minor change in Roma’s line at the end. Fantastic honestly.




Paris be casually giving us a bunch of eggs. :fgo_ereshlove:

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I see what you did there :fgo_robinstare:



While I don’t have the twins or Sei (not for lack of rolling), I can only comment on 5/7. Unmarked spoilers ahead, but this is a discussion thread.

Black Bart, Blackbeard, and Anne and Mary, taking the player on a treasure hunt. Cool. Interactions between them, cool. The writers even added an excuse to exclude Drake and Jason (not really a pirate, but w/e), cool. Reminding us that, even though they’re our servants, they’re still absolute scum, or rather pirates, cool. Idiot Ball the moment the possibility of treasure shows up… Less cool, but in character nonetheless.

Romulus=Quirinus’ story was… better than expected. Boudica absolutely cannot forgive him, acceptable. Boss battle against Boudica, cool. I actually lost this one, thanks to a random crit. Fighting against a manifested grudge, with RQ and Boudica on the same team… It just works. Excellent Characterisation.

Thirdly, Astraea. The buff itself is nice. Nothing really changing how she’s going to be used, just hitting a little harder, and a niche utility.

The story feels a little forced, and, despite the final showdown taking place against another facet of Astraea, in a recreation of the LB 5 (Atlantis) temple, no mention was made of the servant you faced there in the Lostbelt. A PHH Astraea that turned their back on Humanity.

It could have made a nice juxtaposition at least.

But… I have a gripe or two with this set.

Firstly, Paris. In short, Angsty kid, having a midlife crisis, about being useless. No real character development, no epiphany, just unsatisfying.

Secondly, Li Shuwen’s interlude. Also the buff itself, but mostly the story/gameplay.

Do you really need slightly higher chance of IK? Why not more defense down instead? Or a colour (de)buff?

As for the interlude itself, honestly, it feels more like a Mandricardo interlude than one for Old Man Li.

And how it plays out… Forced support Mandricardo. Can’t include Li Shuwen in the team. In his own damn interlude. First arrow: Assassins, Second Arrow: More Assassin. Final Arrow: Assassin Li boss fight. With a forced rider.