Interlude Campaign (Part 9)

Campaign to begin at a weird time (2:00 PDT, apparently giving them 5 hours for maintenance? Probably pre-loading some LB4 stuff in the background). There will be seven Interludes this time around:

Arthur (Prototype):

An upgrade to his S2, boosting the amount of crit stars and giving some crit damage on top of that. This makes him better than Altera I’d say? :fgo_mordredthink: Definitely makes them more directly comparable. A good upgrade for him, but not enough to put him over on Seiba for general farming.


An upgrade to her S1, giving the team some crit damage for 3 turns. She now offers quite a few buffs - team crit damage, team Quick/Buster, team HP +, team Def +, a targetable charge/star gen buff, and a single enemy buff removal. No, she isn’t Merlin or Skadi, but this does still make her a more rounded support. Or be crazy and use her for soloing still, since being alone means she gets the stars she makes and the crit boost makes her damage a bit better.

Assassin Li:

No skills/NP buffs, but gives him a couple new costumes.


An upgrade to her S1, giving it HP regen for 3 turns and a 1 time crit boost to each of the three card types. It’s a 1500/turn heal for 3 turns, but cut that in half basically bc she’s a Berserker. The crit boost is also fairly small, 30% and like I said only for 1 time. Not nothing but I don’t think this meaningfully changes how she plays…maybe for some break bar strats she’ll do better by clearing the first one with face cards and building NP gauge that way, giving some more CE flexibility?


An upgrade to her S1, giving her a 3 time/3 turn crit boost. Damn Oprah Winfrey show here today, you get a crit boost, you get a crit boost, everybody gets a crit boost!!! This does play into her NP effect and what she already had for a S1 in gathering stars, but Arjuna Alter is still better :fgo_coffee: If you’re passing on him though, this does make Raikou better.

Emiya (Alter):

Just some story.

Wu Zetian:

An upgrade to her NP. It has the normal damage boost + it now removes that enemy’s buffs, assuming they survive. Which they might not - if her Imperial Privilege procs, her damage goes from 70k against Riders to 94k, which is a what, 33% increase or so?

Osakabehime is my personal choice for the best buff here. Raikou misses it because of Arjuna Alter; Arthur misses it because AoE Buster Crit Saber is a crowded field; and Wu misses it because I don’t use her :fgo_sthenosmug:

But share your thoughts, and once it arrives share your screenshots of funny dialogue/thoughts on the story.


JP works hard to keep Wu relevant but never buffs Imperial Privilege smh


Hell yes hopefully Arthur won’t be stuck at the bottom of the tier list anymore


Wouldn’t really say Arthur’s better than Altera after this buff. He still lacks an NP strengthening and a damage buff that lasts longer than a turn (which will get fixed about 2 years from now) so Altera is still firing off NPs that are much stronger than Arthur’s which is pretty important for an AoE servant. This buff doesn’t fix the fact that Arthur’s the wet noodle of the AoE SSR Sabers.

Looking forward to using Okki more now that she’s a crit support. With this I’d say she’s the de facto buff removal support unless you need debuff clear on top of it in that case Martha can still see her use.

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Wu Zetian is slowly becoming stronger with every interlude/rank up. Once she gets her burn that’ll make her even better

Arthur was already a better Servant than Altera, but she isn’t an excellent benchmark for performance, herself. It’s a decent boost that takes advantage of his card damage potential.


Didn’t expect Arthur vs Altera as the pet peeve of this batch, good job Wyan.


For over a year have I waited to see just what Arthur’s profile 6 is about :fgo_arthurnervous:

I’ve really looked forward to this. Raikou is very much a favorite of mine too, so I’m excited for the both of them


Yay! Okkie is getting better!


How sad is having not even one of the servants on the campaign, so sad



NP5 Wu is ready, while Raikou’s screaming 'bout time.


It’s actually a great round of strengthenings.


Interesting, I just got MHXA some months ago and felt that she was nice to use. Now she’s getting better. (and will get better and better in the future) :fgo_mhxastare:


Happy to see anything related to Li as it means we are getting closer to his NP Strengthening , not so thrilled that I will need more bells and mirrors for the spiritron ascension however, HQ gave me time to level Mhxa up so now I have more incentive to use her.


One of the chonkiest ones in general, don’t think there that many with 4 buffs on them.


I have none of these, so it’s MP, QP & Ember farming time!

Yay, Im very hyped for this. I use Darthoria with Osakabehime and/or Wu as support very often, so every piece of one of my fav comps got buffed. Amazing.


As a proud Osaka and Raikou owner, I am very eager for those buffs. :fgo_buster:

All the crits. :catburn:


Funny enough, the only one I got from this list is raikou, and this is going to push me to 70 RUQ completed for another 10 sq for my AA fund so she can safely retire :fgo_jeannyes:


These are interludes tho