Interlude Campaign pt. 14: Horns, fluffy ears, rocks, and nuggets

Are we going to get Scathachfest early if these come in mid-August instead of mid-September?

For a week, all Interludes (ones you haven’t done yet + these new ones) are 1/2 AP, and we get stories for 6 Servants, 4 of them getting upgrades as well.

1. Kama: no upgrade :fgo_kamagrimace:

2. Shuten: very needed buff to her s3.

  • Guts increases from 2,700 —> 4,000
  • Adds an NP charge, 30% @ lvl 10

Shuten’s NP wasn’t ever bad, really - just had small values for a lot of things, and bad refund since it only hit for one time. Now, she’s able to loop barely. She refunds just over 20%, but with her own battery, double Castoria, and a plugsuit 50% she can do it with a regular Kscope.

^ She only has lvl 7 skills even, not lvl 10, and no Mana Loading.

^ This is from next year’s Halloween event - this has 6 enemy waves, so with a plugsuit Oberon she can do it with no starting gauge. (It looks like she has event bonus damage too, unless that’s from the CE for the event. NP1, as well.

^ G&A says she needs MLB Kscope but nah, she doesn’t since a) see that first video and b) we have appends early and maxing out ML on a farming SSR is pretty much always a good investment. He also said she needs NP levels and again, see that first video.

She’s actually the most damaging NP1 SSR AoE Assassin outside of traits and stuff with just her own buffs. Now, that doesn’t really mean she’s great just really means that Assassins have some busted ST people and then uh AoE Berserkers, Avengers, or Alter Egos :fgo_sthenosmug:

3. Suzuka Gozen: a good s1 buff

Suzuka gets a threefold buff to her s1:

  • 1 turn Buster + —> 3 times over 3 turns Buster +
  • 1 time Star Gen + —> 3 turns of star gen
  • adds a 3 times over 3 turns crit damage buff (50% @ lvl 10)

Suzuka had pretty good star gen thanks to her NP being very Emiya-like, and now it’s more consistent if she manages to NP more than once. That same idea is true for her Buster buff, and then the addition of the crit damage is nice since otherwise you needed to rely on her NP to provide that. Even with her s3 providing NP gauge over time, she isn’t a looper outside external batteries, but if you go that route her damage won’t drop off anymore.

4. Atalanta Berserker: another s1 crit buff

  • +10 stars —> +20 stars, 1-time
  • Buster Crit damage, 1-turn (50%) (added)

Angry Cat already had a crit-leaning skill set, with absorb, a small bomb (a hand grenade of stars?), and a crit damage buff. Now she has even more stars and more crit damage. It’s more of the same, but those extra 10 stars can make a big difference for sure.

5. Lu Bu: He gets a carrot from Carnival Phantasm’s Gudako

That’s it.

6. Avicebron

Avicebron gets an NP buff, with the usual damage mod increase. It also adds a pre-cast, OC-based NP Damage buff of (20%—>40% @OC5)

NP5 Avicebron can kill a lot of opening waves himself if they’re either low HP or made up of Assassins, and with maxed ML + his own skills he doesn’t need anything in regards to CEs or external help. This makes him very flexible for event farming where you might want to run a drop CE instead of Kscope or something. He basically has the same damage as Caster Eli now.

No one here has that that much love in my heart where I’m very eager to read their story besides Shuten - I hope it’s as good as her Tower appearance where she scared Ibaraki by pretending to be a doll :fgo_bblaugh: She’s long been bond 10 for me though, so I won’t get much/any use of her skill upgrade (actually wait…humble brag (?) that Shuten, Suzuka, Avicebron, Angry Cat, and Red Hare are all at bond 10 for me and I don’t have Kama, I won’t use any of their upgrades) but does anyone here make you more interested than before?


Nyalter is going to feast on this buff. More tools for her to destroy whatever gets in my way.


There’s a lot for me this IC. I got 4 of these servants (Jk fox, angry cat, golembro, and beast 8’s fav) and I’m 4 interludes away from 10 more quartz. So I’m getting 11 quartz out of this for Scathach.

But this also means the lotto approaches and the apples are scared.


decent batch of servants. Avicebron will help during lottos and berserker atalanta is fun to mess around with


I got 5/6 interludes to enjoy. Shuten and avicebron are the most interesting upgrades for me, though probably more so for shuten. Avicebron has tough competition with np4 nitocris and lvl100 paracelsus, especially when I still need 1 or 2 more copies to unlock his ML for the 100% battery at start.

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This might be the first interlude campaign where I actually have all the servants.

Kama was a bit of a clutch pull, only coming last week :fgo_kamagrimace:

I’m keen for Shuten’s upgrade, If only I had the Oni lanterns (and QP) to finish her ML append skill.


Perfect, i have all of them so i can clear another extra mission and i’m curious about the Kama one.

I’ve been waiting for this interlude campaign! :catclap: Not because I’m excited for any of them in particular, but because for the first (and quite possibly last) time, I have every single one of the servants getting new interludes. I’ve never had more than three or four at most before (and often just one or two), so I’m looking forward to a busier week than I normally have for these things. :catdance:


I’m definitely looking forward to what warranted that disclaimer for kama’s interlude, apart from that I’m neutral about the rest.

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Rwally looking forward to atalantas
One of my most used servants so this will push her a bit more and I like it. :fgo_nyaltersmug:

Shuten battery going to be a lot of fun having her be able to stack her np effects a little easier

and suzukas skill 1 seems to be really best of The bunch and something she seemed to really need


I did score a royal flush on this one courtesy of my off the chain Kama luck over the length of Ooku. Mostly I’ll be excited for this to push me over another set of 10, but no harm in there being some interesting stories along the way.


Damn needed Shuten and Kama to get 10sq.

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the support will be using event support lineup during 1/2 ap right?

No. It’s a half off campaign not a limited time quest. Normal support


Didn’t get Shuten in 10 tickets, but


S*it this is a difficult choice :fgo_jeannu:

Turns out the disclaimer for Kama’s interlude was actually somewhat warranted.

Too soon for a school shooting joke for some people, I guess…?


I was looking forward to Kama’s interlude and the story didn’t disappoint me. Now I was wondering for a while what she was going for, but the logic of it made sense. Of course wouldn’t have minded some random buff for Kama. But honestly the story itself was reward enough I think. Little stories like this is one of the charms of the game.

Kama Interlude

Admittedly I wasn’t sure which part was what they were giving warnings about. I didn’t immediately think of the terrorist attacks as anything shocking. Maybe because I’m not American. Although in that sense I kind of get how that might make sense.

It was good fun though. Honestly it’s pretty on point having the MC on the verge of collapse. They’ve been through way too much and all that would pile up on them. And with Parvati setting up some emergency protection it wasn’t a bad move to let Kama do what she does. If anyone could handle the job of providing a numerous amount of scenarios and letting the MC do things that they would love to do…it would be her. Plus she was plenty motivated so it was a win/win there.

Honestly all the little scenarios were fun. Her playing the highschool girlfriend (intentionally avoiding taking the kouhai role for a few reasons), the daughter, the coworker, jungle explorer, sci-fi partner, etc, was all pretty entertaining. Of course they had to speed it along by the end, but it was nice to get a glimpse into it. And honestly I think it was nicely done in terms of providing a hilariously fun time for Guda. Basically got to do the kind of things they could only dream of doing (while actually dreaming) and just having a blast while doing so. A great bit of stress relief and relaxation.

And the aftermath was great. Of course talking to everyone was important, but it was also important to get right to thanking Kama properly. She did lose her cool by the end, but she did a lot of good up to that point. And it was of course a win seeing her go into a blushing frenzy. You can definitely see how things might lead to a dere Summer Kama in the near future…

I’m sure the other interludes will be good fun too. Actually get to run through quite a few of them. Be nice to power up characters like Atalante Alter a bit.


OK this is just absolute pain please stop game… Also I’m fluffing Tamamo obviously why the hell are you even asking game.


best interlude 10/10