Interlude Season (¿GBL Season 11?)

With Season 10 end we start now interlude league, a complete season with no ranking.

I believe this is good to take things slowly, and an opportunity to experiment and change the GBL system, but there are things that they could been done better in my opinion.

First, no move rebalance and stuff “because of the world championship” seems Like a lame excuse. New CDs, new ALOLA mons, and more things to come are going to shuffle the meta no matter what. They wanted to make no changes? Ok, but do not say “it’s because of the championship”…

Then, the chance to get pika libre and pose is quite good, just a pitty the didn’t allow all the battlers to get to legend. I remember that in season 5 a lot of people were quite happy to get there, but well it’s fine I guess. After all, the more exciting thing here is ALOLA introduction


Seems interesting at least. Mini-CD on Saturday is kinda cool. And rotating cups every week will keep anyone from being too miffed. Catch Cup will be…interesting…will it just be what’s caught since the beginning of the season or from that week only? I will say a lot of the encounters are pretty lame. Only one that isn’t a 1st stage evo and many aren’t even very rare (Mismagius, Drilbur, etc). :confused:

I don’t know if this will get many more casual players to play GBL, but I’m glad that this season is totally different than the others. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again. GBL needed a complete overhaul & this is about as close to that as you can get.

3 month seasons are long, but at least there will be something different every week instead of 2 weeks like before. Having different rewards for each battle day is nice. Making the avatar items available by either playing a set on battle day or reaching rank 20 was surprising to me. Despite shiny Libre not being available, a non-shiny Libre, all avatar items and an animated pose for Gladion are legend rank rewards for only reaching rank 20.

Overall I think that if nothing else, this season will be a nice change of pace. I’m just wondering if Niantic will stick with the battle day reward system that they are using this season. If people really enjoy it, anything is possible.

Feeling pretty good about not having pulled the trigger on double legacy move Dewgong.

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About not introducing new moves, but introducing new mons:
We still don’t know how the championship is gonna be like. In the end they could 1) (very easy) introduce only mons who do not (or if, only a very small) have impact on the meta or 2) (this would be a bit problematic) if they introduce some mons with a larger impact, they might ban those from the world championship.

Do not forget, that the championship is “only” GL. Move rebalances and similar would definitely affect every league.

Edit: Ok - forget it, I just saw Komm-o IS having an impact on GL ;)
Edit2: Kommo-o is probably not available right now, so we will see…

Anyway, I largely don’t care, since I play mostly for the fun, so I guess I also will have fun without any serious ranks/rewards.

I’m not really sure what this is meant to acheive…only vague logic I could apply is that they might measure weekly interaction with each competition to see what stays and goes in the future, but that would be the same from the previous seasons. It would also be heavily weighted for the earlier cups whilst those who grind for the ETMs play and then drop away as they hit the required threshold.

Positive - Another shot at a better IV Pika-Libre/trade chance

The other differences I see will be neutral/negative:

Anyone who plays to R19/20 will still do so.
Nobody will invest in new stuff for a 7 day cup that might never come back = using same old stuff
Nobody will invest generally for fear of sweeping change in season 12 = using same old stuff
Those who do keep track of rank won’t be as interested
GBD 1 - surely those who have one won’t have an interest and for those who don’t, we’ll all just play until we get the best possible seel?
GBD2 - yay xp, because we can’t get that anywhere else
GBD3 - Same as ever for dust and maybe you’ll get mega energy? If it’s a new mega-evolution that’d be guaranteed to piss non-PvP players off, anything else who truly cares? I mega evolved something for the first time in months on Sunday.

As someone who is PvP ambivalent, it doesn’t increase my inclination to play this season. Last season I didn’t really play much beyond R20 because it just didn’t take my fancy. I still hunted for and invested in a few new things for PvP during events knowing that I’ll appreciate having them when the mood does take me, but this season just seems to be an exercise in FOMO and messing about, rather than any great incentive for those like me to play more.

*looks at my Dewgong i used elite TMs on a couple months ago…"

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Yeah the no move rebalance/lack of additions to movesets is the only thing that bums me out. Since I like using very off-meta mons I like when things get new moves and they at least become viable/a little better. Other than that and no Remix Cups this interlude seems fine

Your view of this season is that of a rational, longtime player. Some of the responses I’ve seen on Reddit and in my discord are different than what I’ve seen on here. 1 guy in my discord who always reaches legend says that this upcoming season is a waste for him because Libre can’t be shiny. Another perennial legend in my discord is making a push for the leaderboard as I type, but he thinks that the upcoming season will get old, fast. Also he is not a fan of the Catch Cup.

On Reddit and even some of my other in-game friends are excited at the chance to get a free Libre even if it isn’t shiny. A lot of people are also happy that they will get new outfits and a pose for reaching level 20. These things may not mean anything to people here, but to others, its a big deal. And last but not least, people seem happy that they can play casually, possibly have fun, get decent rewards all without worrying about rank and rating.

No moves update isn’t good, but I don’t think that’s a problem for the people who are happy with a free Libre and avatar items. This upcoming season of seems to be more focused on appealing to collectors and casual players, not the hardcore PVP crowd.

Me? Rational? The world out there really is a crazy place. No wonder I never go out there.

I’ll take the compliment though. Thanks. :grinning:

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I would also love to know what the timeframe will be on the catch cup. I can’t find anything anywhere in it but I didn’t look that hard.

I actually had a ton of fun with the last catch cup, and maybe I’m one of a very few that really want it’s return.

Winning, I guess?

Same, I went on the grind when they were everywhere and managed to catch a rank 15. Almost did it, but was like nahhh…I’ve got my Lapras (add to that Walrein now). Still though….

My best Seel is #105 rank, hopefully snag a better one but good enough if not, I’ll evolve it for the double legacy happily.

I forget how wild the beginning of a season is. In the same set I battled a goofy team of Cloyster, Starmie, Slowbro. Then a meta team of Gunfisk, Talonflame, Azu. Been seeing (and using) all kinds of different teams

Craziest thing I’ve seen so far is probably someone’s shiny Latias. Probably got it as a reward for the CP to qualify. Or a trade. It did ok, but no bait moves is the problem. Probably better off with Charm than Dragon Breath.

I have a rank #2 Gabite I think I’m going to power up for spicy spicy spice, working as a Fire Dragon (Mud Shot/Twister/Flamethrower)

edit: no, need to make an UL Mandibuzz with this bread first

That’s some good spice, using this opportunity to use all kinds of stuff, have got wins with a shiny team of Shiftry, Garbodor, Marshtomp, a mustache team of Kricketune, Sealeo, Probopass, and just random teams like a Minun, Gothitelle, Normal Castform team. Early season shenanigans are fun though also bum me out that there’s no Remix cuz can usually get away with stuff like that in that league also

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Had like 3 opponents just quit the app with this Shadow team, haha (currently rank 12). No Trevenants/Fairies/Grass (Victreebell runs Acid/Acid Spray) allowed :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2::

My other theme team that I’ve gotten consistent wins with - the Lapras runs Surf/Dragon Pulse, and the latter has saved me when backed into a corner many times:


Ive been running a shadow team as well. All single moved. Arcanine, Gardevoir, and Roserade (not shadow). Heavy fast move damage doesn’t work nearly as well as it once did with all the bulky spammy mons that are popular now, but i cheese out plenty of wins just based on alignment. Plus games are super fast win or lose!

Decided to mess around cuz it’s Interlude and it’s early season (I’m only Rank 4 currently). Going to make myself a rotating Gym Leader and try to get a win with 3 of the same type, with every type. Started off well with Bug, got a win with Mothim, Venomoth, Escavelier 1st try against Walrein, Serperior, Scrafty. Gonna go alphabetically so Dark is next. Wish we could name our teams so the other person could see so it would be more thematic (though give away what I’m doing)