Interlude Season (¿GBL Season 11?)

Well that’s gonna be bad timing with this Battle Ticket special research thing making people try hard to win

Yeah, they are. I just hit a flood of meta at 12. Bastiodon and the usual suspects

Got my Dark win first try but had a couple losses with Dragons right after with Lord Druddington, Flygon, Dragalge. May have to change it up

Who’s going nuts trying to win a couple of thousand dust for 3 or 4 days of wins?

I just assume any added incentive will make people default back to as meta as possible

You can go an alternate route and use Shadow-'raptor. That thing runs double uber nukes which basically guarantees a shield or KO! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You can’t default back to meta when they are already using meta. Either people quit instantly or they are former legends and others running full meta teams, sac swaps & playing every match to the bitter end. For a season with hidden ratings, there are a lot of people taking this season very seriously.

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Yes, I am going to do what you think I’m going to do


I’ve beeen hoping not to get one of those, because I’ll have to do the same

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Completed my GL Rotating Gym Leader challenge (aka use all of one type and get a win) over the weekend. Here’s the list of how many tries it took for each type and which team got me the W-
Bug-1-Mothim, Venomoth, Escavalier
Dark-1-Obstagoon, AMuk, Mandibuzz
Dragon-3-Shadow Flygon, Zweilous, Altaria
Electric-2-Stunfisk, Hisuan Electrode, Emolga
Fairy-1-Dedenne, Alolan Ninetails, Sylveon
Fighting-2-Primeape, Toxicroak, Medicham
Fire-1-Ninetails, Talonflame, Alolan Marowak
Flying-1-Jumpluff, Pelipper, Gligar
Ghost-4-Haunter, Trevenant, Jellicent
Grass-1-Abomasnow, Ludicolo, Trevenant
Ground-1-Marshtomp, Flygon, Nidoqueen
Ice-1-Sneasel, Dewgong, Alolan Ninetails
Normal-4- Obstagoon, Wigglytuff, Noctowl
Poison-1-Ariados, Drapion, Alolan Muk
Psychic-1- Medicham, Jirachi, Hypno
Rock-4- Crustle, Probopass, Cradily
Steel-3- Perrserker, Ferroseed, Alolan Sandslash
Water-1- Dewgong, Marshtomp, Seismitoad


Interesting that Normal was so difficult to get a win…there’s so many options you’d think it would do fairly well.
I’m trying a similar challenge: see if I can go a positive set. Thus far I got Dark pretty easy, we’ll see about Dragon. :grimacing:

I feel like i ran into a good amount of Counter users that hurt me with that type, same issue with Rock and Steel. I know I had Zangoose in as lead for at least a couple tries and it didn’t work out. A lot of this (both the losses and the 1st try wins) came down to luck of the draw with matchups but it was a fun little challenge.

Maybe the other normal teams were just not as good as the one which got a win? I think that normal team is quite strong, since it is not weak vs counter.
I think pure psychic has the strongest options, ran it a couple of times seriously. I don’t have good dragon options currently. Only have altaria and latias. Exeggutor, Shadow flygon (!!!) and Zweilous waiting.

Trying the Dragon challenge and BOY is that tough! Running Altaria, Flygon (double mud) and Kingdra (double water). Did manage a win against a team with a fairy (Dedenne) which was doubly amazing 'cause I had some bad beginning lag. :dizzy_face:

Oh wow, Double Double weak to ice ;D
Goodra would be cool vs fairies, but a bit slow. In the end one can only hope for no fairies/no ice

Today was skarmory day. Replaced yesterdays medicham. Some cool spice though, saw primarina twice, and shadow nockchan.

Started off Ultra League right, getting a win with Primeape and Hitmonchan on my team against a team that had no one weak to Counter (2 opponents resisted it)

Some of my favorite battles is when a dominated pokemon can get revenge and due to energy/shield leads take out its nemesis…

I thought yesterday was best when my switched in my registeel to kill off a talonflame. But today, … today… my machamp is grinning after polishing off a togekiss and sylveon. Yes… both of them went down to Machamp who did an all time flex!

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How that? Togekiss ok, but Sylveon must be deep in the yellow, would think that it can tank three tock slides? Congrats either way ;)

I now reached 20.
I think Niantic could’ve been a bit more generous with the extra stardust. 6k for 64 wins is not really that rewarding ;)

Big leads for sure. Sylveon had fought quite a bit with lapras. And Togekiss had ate a Flash Cannon. So Countered Togekiss down + got to a rockslide to kill Sylveon.

Even still Machamp was in red. But it was a proud red.

What made it even better was that he was running TinaA with his 2 fairies. Meaning poor Machamp didn’t have a single pokemon advantage and still flexxed

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