Interludes/Rank Up

I would like it better if the Interludes/Rank up of Servants forced you to use that Servant in your front line for the battle. Even if it was a class that had an advantage over you. Just to test your mettle with overcoming that challenge. Plus, I think it would fit in better with the story of that particular Servant’s Interlude that you are utilizing that Servant in the battle. Just my 2 cents.

What do you people think?


Isn’t this more fitting for OT or Discussion? No question is being posed, and the it’s certainly not in need of an answer per se.

I would like that though, I suppose. IIRC one of Enkidu’s had you solo… maybe another one too.

Ehhhh, forced Servant use tends to be annoying.


I prefer challenging but it makes more sense to me with the interludes, especially when the story you are a part of is with that particular Servant. Battle starts, and than that Servant isn’t even a part of your group? And forced Servant is definitely mild when it is just 1 of your 6 options.

Unlesa this is also forced solo, than there is no point in it, what with Order Change existing… Though it is alright idea as self imposed challenge

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Well, on the one hand I think the choice is nice, but I do think that forcing servants on the front line in stories relevant to them would be interesting. Personally I actually like the idea since I know if I were given the choice I wouldn’t do it, and being made to do it would help me appreciate the story a bit more but I can see why others would be against it.

Iirc, they did it first time with Hijikaka’s interlude

Only reason I don’t agree is they tend to stack against them. Pretty sure half of Arunja’s was Lancers. And his is like 5 quests long.


we are LITERALLY doing this with most of the new interludes in jp right now
this is the most late post i have seen someone made
for this yr

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To be fair, us NA players don’t know much of what’s going on in JP, much less knowing that they switched up how interludes are being done. That’s good news though.


I did not know JP was already doing that. I have thought about trying the JP version of the game but I feel I’m too invested in NA now, and I don’t know how to get it installed on my phone. Plus, it seems tedious.

To be fair, us NA players don’t know much of what’s going on in JP

thats fair
except when ppl full of shit( not you guys, since yea alot of ppl wouldnt know this) dont know shit about jp and want to act like they do when they so obviously clearly dont

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I haven’t even done any new interludes in JP
I don’t have access to any

you play jp

less extreme example

from napoleons own lude
where bringing him is required

I’ve been doing that with all the interludes and rank up quests I’ve done so far since I started playing. I even try to keep that servant alive throughout the interlude/rank up (this doesn’t always work out well). For me it just made sense that I would use the servant for their interlude or rank up, even if it did make things tougher.

Yeah, it was so unfun in Shimosa - I basically order changed her out and that’s it, because otherwise she was dead weight.


Yeah let’s have this saber with 2 skills join you during this hard Archer battle


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It is called a challenge for a reason. And “hard” is not a good description of interludes. Mediocre challenges at best. And don’t forget you can stack your backline with plenty of class appropriate bonus’s. Not to mention, many players have shown us how the lower tier servants can fill plenty of roles even if you don’t have a lot of 4 n 5 star servants to fill a roster. Not every challenge should be handed to you on a silver platter.


either that or op is a beginner in which case its even more lol

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Bro you know I’m shittalking u
And calling you dumb