International Debit Cards and SQ Purchasing

To Masters outside of NA and their country didn’t support FGO (along with buy SQs), does linking an International Debit Card to your Google Play Store help with the problem?

Your google account’s country of residence is what counts to be eligible to buying SQs in the first place. Be aware that you can only change it once a year.
Then, from what I observed, that country is automatically applied to your debit card when you add it. So, if it doesn’t match the country from your stated address of residence (bank account), the address check will fail during payment.
This stated address is what they consider your proof of residence apparently. My card is from a French bank but my associated address currently is in another EU country that is not FGO-eligible, so I had to declare myself (google account) as a resident of that country to get payments to work again (when google updated their terms of use or something some time ago).

But that only worked until FGO started to care about your country of residence as well (I think last summer or something like that ?). And since I declared an unelligible country to match my card, I’m not allowed to buy SQs. I could update my address at my bank, but that would only block me from buying anything through the playstore (mismatched address), because it hasn’t been a year and I can’t change my country (google account) yet.

I thought I might try to circumvent it by using paypal instead but google pay aks paypal about your address information just the same.

These days I swear. It’s getting harder and harder to be an international swindl-cough err, I mean a dashing and well-travelled billionaire bachelor!

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There are workarounds but you will have to jump through hoops and there’s no guarantee that Google won’t ban your ass if they figure out you’re trying to give them money from an unsupported region.

What eventually worked for me, was creating a new US payment profile for the Google Play account that I use for gacha games - see the top comment in this thread (different game, same issue):

I did use a VPN and had a “valid” US address through a virtual credit card service at the time (US Unlocked) but I’m not sure if that was actually necessary.