International Gacha Payments

Hey guys! :)

I’m going to be living and working in Japan soon (yay!), so I was wondering if anyone knows the best way to buy quartz when you are paid in yen but are on the USA server?
I use an iphone to play FGO btw, so itunes cards would work for me.

TBH I don’t want to lose a lot of money converting back and forth between yen and usd. :thinking:
Do you think it would be best to buy imported iTunes gift cards?
The amounts would be fixed but I assume it would cost less than exchange fees. (right?)

Let me know if you have experience with this and what you recommend! Thanks! ^ _ ^

Currently I have the same situation, I live in India so for gssr I bought Google gift card in Indian currency, but now the game is not letting me buy the SQs, and I think I probably wasted my money

when i was using an iphone ,i used either mygiftcardssupply or G2A to buy gift cards,it worked perfecly and you mostly have to pay maximum let’s say 5-10%extra

I just pay with PayPal (from Europe, on the NA server), and that does the converting for me.

Thanks for the suggestions guys! :slight_smile:
Yeah I think Paypal is a good idea, and if that doesn’t work out giftcards seem like the best bet.
Thanks! I’m sure one of these will work out nicely for me :fgo_buster:

I mean, you’re going to have to transfer currencies anyway, so you might as well do it through your bank.

Assuming you’re American—Charles Schwab is the best bank for Americans abroad. There’s no minimum balance + refunds ATM fees. I transfer money to mine whenever I travel internationally and then I use the debit card to withdraw cash in the local currency.

More importantly, you can set up that card on Apple Pay to buy quartz.

You’ll just have to transfer money from your JP bank account to your American bank account. If you have to pay off student loans or whatnot, you’re doing this already, no?

So if you don’t want to get a credit card (although if you do, Capital One’s Quicksilver is a great international travel starter card since there are no foreign transaction fees), that’s not a bad bet.

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Oh cool!
Thanks for the suggestion! :smiley:
I’ll def check that out! ^ _ ^

And yeah, I do have to pay student loans off, good point.

(p.s. I tried heart reacting but it’s not working on my phone, sorry guys :< )

u have to change the google account back to that in US, then u can use a US gift card and pay in USD

I really advise against any currency conversion done by Paypal, they are insanely expensive. They are mighty convenient, but depending on how much you spend, the fees really add up.

^ Just to go off this, check to make sure your bank uses the market rate and do the transfer through them.

If you need to change currencies like yesterday or can’t wait for your bank, XE Currency is workable.

Many of my digital nomad friends who get paid in Euros/Krona/etc also say Revolut is helpful. They weren’t available to non-EU citizens when I looked into them last year, but that may have changed.

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I pay with PayPal to get stuff from Japanese sites like AmiAmi all the time and I’ve never seen any sort of conversion fee. Do you have to hit a minimum amount before they charge or something?

They automatically process it while doing the payment if there is currency transfer going on. The market rate might be, I dunno, 1-2% of the payment being done. But Paypal will add around 5% additional fees (it’s been a while, but it’s a lot) + a flat fee sometimes if they are in charge of the currency conversion. As far as I know there isn’t a minimum amount.

If you make/receive a lot of payments, it starts adding up over time. I suggest googling the current rates Paypal charges, they kinda hide this information.

I just use a regular credit card, no fees, no fuss.

As far as I can tell, they charge a different conversion rate.
For my GSSR payment (biggest SQ package) PayPall charges 1 EUR = 1,0817 USD. The conversion rate given by Google at that time was 1 EUR = 1,14015. So yeah, you pay extra for the convenience. Although, GWK (a currency exchanger that you see in stations and airports) charges 1 EUR = 1,0295 currently, while Google gives 1,12705, so PayPal is still better than those.