Introducing the MMM and Rabbit's Reviews

Hey everyone,

So, I did mention that we were working on something big. Well, this is it basically. We’ve been working on and filing away at creating special pages for the MMM (a review series from the Grandorder subreddit) and Rabbit’s Reviews (another reviews series but this one from GameFAQs). Both are team members, Rath for a long time but only chips in occassionally, while Rabbit joined in the last hiring wave. Both have been working on reviewing Servants for a very long time. When we set out to cover JP content, we just ended up doing the same work twice over, so I figured, why not ask them to do their reviews on here?

So, from now on, you can find the MMM and Rabbit’s Reviews here. We’ll intregrate a link to their respective reviews into the Servant Profiles as well, so you can always look up a review that you need.

and the Rabbit’s Reviews for each new Servant:

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any feedback/suggestions as to the lay-out! We’ll start working on porting more of these as we go and making an archive. Since there are so many, that will take a while though.


Wow, awesome! I enjoy Rabbit’s review style, which includes a required materials section. We always think of servants at 10/10/10 while forgetting sometimes just how difficult it is to max their skills, notably the SSRs demanding huge quantities of bronze mats. Looking forward to more of your content here.


There’s a bug on the MMM page where if you attempt to change the ascension art for any of the servants, all the portraits but Musashi’s disappear. It also appears that changing the ascension art stage changes the portraits of all the servants to match the same stage since attempting to see Hokusai’s 4th stage artwork also changed Musashi’s to her 4th stage artwork.

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mursed mutting mrater

though neat, and I guess they’ll be primarily focused on jp content?

Yes, but we’ll be backporting the previous content, so their reviews will be on-site for the upcoming content too. That’s the idea anyway.

@Psychedeliccreature ah, it’s not really intended to have these serve to check out ascension artwork. I’ll leave a note for the devs though!


Yeah, I was debating whether or not such a minuscule detail was worth reporting but a bug is still a bug and still worth looking into.

Haha i love the small jokes at the end of each arbitrary rating.

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Going to take a while to actually fill in the links for Rabbit Reviews, isn’t it? Well, will have something to binge-read when I can grab the link to the first review.

This is fantastic! :fgo_umu:
I just read Rabbits review of Miyu the other day.
Useful and thorough!

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How is the search feature going to be updated for this? For instance, if I search for Osakabehime (Archer) or Carmilla (Rider) right now, the only thing that pops up is the Gamepress article short about them. Will there be a tag at the top of their servant page along with the Table of Contents that links to them, will they have their own search result, etc? Will we have to search for Rabbit’s Reviews, since at the moment that doesn’t turn up a result for them.

(Actually, if you search for Rabbit’s Review the only thing that comes up is a template page we don’t have access too. Small thing but maybe that shouldn’t even be in the search results?)

Edit: Sorry, I missed that part somehow when I read it the 1st time.