Iris base skill?

This is the correct description of her Base skill at e1(source : Iris | Arknights Wiki | Fandom)
Bedtime Story:
When this Operator is assigned to a Dormitory, restores +0.1 Morale per hour to all Operators assigned to that Dormitory (Only the strongest effect of this type takes place). Additionally, for every level of the current Dormitory, 1 level of Dreamland.

? so every operator gain 1 level of Dreamland for every level of the dormitory and every hour?
what is Dreamland?

and her second base skill:
Sleep Talking
When this Operator is assigned to a Dormitory, every 1 level(s) of Dreamland is converted into 1 point(s) of Perception Information.

?Now what is Perception information??

I’ve found something with Rosmotis(i don’t have her).
source: Rosmontis | Arknights Wiki | Fandom

Base skill E1 extra sensory:
When this Operator is assigned to a Factory, for every 1 operator in the Dormitories, Perception Information +1. Additionally, every 1 point(s) of Perception Information is converted into 1 point(s) of Chain of Thought.

Her second base skill Psyckokinesis:
When this Operator is assigned to Factory, for every 2 point(s) of Chain of Thought, productivity +1%.

Seems like Rosmotis is the only operator able to use her second base skill for now.?!
Maybe because of lore reason(Rosmotis is maybe the girl she’s looking for).

There’s also Whisperain with her weird base effects as well. When I’ve got her, I looked for the info and found this:

So it looks like everyone provides a boost to the amnesiac kitten.

I’d say they are pretty niche, and Whisperain’s one is useless since if I place her in the office, I want her to take care of recruitment, not provide productivity to an operator I don’t even have.


I feel like this Reddit comment sums up how most people feel about it and some of this game’s dialogue in general sometimes

I hate the way they made this system with a burning passion. It’s so needlessly wordy and obtuse.


that’s the general consensus of the playerbase even in CN

they’re like good game except like the pretentiousness of the writings it’s like

You: i’m so thirsty i’m going to down this water bottle
Hypergryph: for my scorched throat and insides i will consume this elixir of life called water


Yeah I like the plot of AK, but sometimes I really fucking wish they simplified the writing


it’s like you gather the most pretentious literature students in one place


After Kashchey’s monologues, I’m not even surprised anymore :woman_facepalming:

I love AK’s lore and story, just hate how it’s written.

And in relation to skills, well, that’s just stupid. I don’t want to play a guessing game when choosing ops for my base, I wanna fcking know WHO DOES WHAT, not who smoked what, and in whose face they blew the fume :woman_facepalming: