Ironing out some servant flaws

I have made a similar thread before, about updating outdated skills in lore friendly ways. This time, the idea is that, instead of looking at the skills themselves, we should look at servants that might be even good, but could be better if a flaw or two were addressed in their kit. For example:

  • Artemis
    Her kit revolves around anti-male damage and stalling with her NP. The flaw of her kit is her bad NP gen necessitating a full Arts team to function.
    The obvious fix would be giving her an NP gen boost, but that’s a little lame. Instead I would give her third skill an upgrade. Say, let’s call it Hunters’ (Lovers’) Teamwork A. It would retain her Dodge and Crit Boost, with an added bonus of giving her face cards plus one hit, for three turns, effectively increasing her generation stats.

  • Okita
    Her kit relies on her great generation stats and powerful NP. The flaw of her kit is the lack of sustained steroids and her fragility.
    I would turn her second skill into Illness Suppression B, retaining the star pull and giving her a 20% Atk/Def buff for three turns.

  • Shuten
    She is a buffer/debuffer, with a slew of debuffs on her NP. Her flaw is the fact that she really needs to speak her NP, which she can’t really do.
    I would turn her third skill into Oni’s Special Brew A, giving her a three turn NP gain buff (around 30%), and a 30% battery on top, to help drowning the enemies in debuffs.

So, this was my conversation starter. Discuss away.

Interesting, I’ve never had that much of a problem building np with Artemis. I just give her a golden sumo and I can get at least 2 np during challenge quests.

Orion has notably lackluster basic Arts cards yeah. He’s fine in a group, but try soloing with him sometime and enjoy the slowness.

Artemis is in a weird position where her Arts facecards are really bad at generating np despite being an Arts based Servant. Due to the way her hitcounts are setup, her Quick cards are just as good at her Arts cards at generating np while also generating Crit stars. If there’s a Arts first card bonus, then her Quick cards surpass her Arts Cards.

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I actually wonder if they did nothing else but reverse the hitcounts of his A & Q cards

Arts 3 hit
Quick 1 hit

would be enough. I actually like using orion and is a regular in my cq comps but I can give him the support to fix his shortcomings which not everyone can.

“Orion” still benefits from being Arts though, in that you can use Caster Gil/Tamamo/Mozart/Jeanne/BB for support and NP charging via Arts chains.

Make their first skill scale for attack (20-30% or something) and they’d be in a better place too.

Absolutely upgrade Shuten’s guts…Vlad had basic Guts and now has an NP charge with it, so it could happen.

A problem a lot of early servants have is terrible Hit counts, just look at Astolfo or Lancer Liz. You can strengthen their skills and NPs all day but if they can’t do anything on cooldown, then what good are they?

Vlad have NP gain not NP charge, Shuten could have some effect after dieing like… I don’t know a 50% ATK up maybe?

Tonight is not my night. I’m making mistakes all over he place.

Relax, everyone have those kinds of days(nights)

In a lot of cases that’s something they can fix with animation updates whenever they get around to those. In those two cases I don’t think I’ve seen a major issue, typically you want Astolfo in a team where he can crit a lot and Lancer Liz I haven’t noticed anything too unusual. In which way do you find her hit counts cause her to under-perform?

To be fair, Liz’s main issues are really compounded. She is an okay support hybrid in a loaded class, and her lackluster NP effect and bad internals combined with her low hit counts only makes it worse.

In her case, I would give her a solid gimmick on her Guts to make her more interesting, something like “Last Encore Ex”, where upon using up the Guts, she would get a 50% NP damage buff and her NP charged to 100 percent, but then gets a delayed debuff that kills her at the end of the turn, giving her one big hurrah before she goes down.

well, it would be nice if he could make some of his own damn stars, he’s got a triple Q deck and only two hits on the cards? come on. plus the star gen on his S3 isn’t even reliable. Can’t even pair him with Jack or Assassin of Shinjuku since they’ll get rocked by the casters I bring Astolfo to kill in the first place.

As for Liz, well, there’s a lotta problems there, but that double Charisma for females is so good… i wish she wasn’t such an Attack/Support hybrid. If she could charge her np faster or make some crit stars with her cards, it’d go a long way to making her more useful.

But if was reliable where would be the fun :fgo_rinlaugh:

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