Is 50 HP enough for B!Fjorm?

Of course mine had to be -Hp; this is the only time I would’ve rather had an attack bane. Is 50 HP enough for her staff’s effect? or should i try for another one :(

In AR yes. double Eir makes it 60. And you arent even targeting people with more than 40 HP typically


The opponent would need 47 HP - plus if you’re using her for AR; won’t you be mostly targeting L!Azura, Ophelia, and L!Alm?

you good, unless you want to be hitting Ardins

B!Fjorm wants to be targeting those pesky support units like L!Azura, Rally supports, and other supports of the like. A large majority of them (if not all of them) are going to have pretty low HP. Or at the very least, they will have less than 50 in most cases.

As long as you’re targeting those annoying, squishy support units with the Isolation status, 50 HP (plus the extra HP she gets from blessings) will be more than enough for her to work for you.

Little oponents are going to be hp focused
And dancers ho are you main target are gonna be vulnerable

I can confirm, 50 HP is more then enough. Except in lunatic PvE battles, she’s useless then lmao

This season due to L.Azura being bonus, you might sometimes be in trouble. If you’re using a fire or water legendary and can afford to toss a blessing after this week, it’s good insurance.

In the future watch out during water seasons because double Duma setups do exist and L.Azura with B duel + double Duma does get to the upper 40s if not 50+. Double Yune also exists but I see it less.

Hm? LAzura got a legendary blessing, so she won’t get buffed HP from Yune and Duma.
More dangerous would be Reyson with correlating blessing and G Duel Flying (which is fortunately rare as heck).

If it is both water season and the mythic hero’s season, yes she will get extra HP