Is a 86% Salamence worth investing?


Hi to all
This 9 pv 15 atk 15 def Outrage Salamence is the best that came out of this CD for me.
This would put it with the same power as a 100%, but with 176 pv instead of 182.
Though I like this Pokemon, I already have other dragons (4 maxed and 2 awaiting).
What would you do?


If you’ve got the spare dust I’d power up to at least the mid 30’s - unless you’re swimming in better dragons it’s still going to be a very good performer.




Unless you have 4 maxed Rays and the other 2 you are working on are also Rays … an Outrage Salamence is going to make your dragon squad better… But you already answered your on question when you said you liked that Pokémon… If you like it it’s worth investing in