Is a 89% palkia worth investing?


I did a few raids of palkia and none come good, but today i made a trade and the palkia came 15A 11D 14H, should i wait until he cames back? I don´t have too much sturdust to spend, what should i do?


I would advise trying your luck on trading dialga or rayquaza and power that one up.
Palkia is bested by rayquaza on dps, and by dialga on bulk.
89% is good though to be powered up if you really like using palkia.


I agree with @Lwykatorz. Palkia is good, but as far as Dragons go, you have better options. If your Dragon squad is lacking, you might be better off investing in a Rayquaza (highest Dragon DPS) or Dialga (tankiest Dragon against other Dragons). Outrage Salamence is also a good idea if you got to play during the event yesterday and accumulated enough Bagon candies.

That said, if Palkia is a personal favorite of yours, then go for it. It’s still a formidable attacker and it’s IVs are far from being terrible.


The stats are fine, but as others said above there are other dragon options. Against Dragon’s it’s got very good DPS and very good TDO, but it’s not got the very best DPS and it doesn’t resist dragon attacks like Dialga - put it against over movesets and it’s got very good resistance. It’s never going to be bad in a dragon team and for niche uses it can be excellent.


I powered mine up some, and because everything I do is right, yeah, obviously you should invest a bit.