Is a -Atk Selkie usable? (free summon lol)

My free summons have been absolutely wild lately. First Nah then Laegjarn, and now this. But her stats aren’t good at all. Is 25 Atk usable on her?

I mean it’s not absolutely unusable, with her weapon she can patch it up to an extent as long as you focus on her Res

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I mean, every unit’s useable, it’s just a matter of how usable. :birbpeek:
She’s most likely going to have to rely on her weapon, skills, and special to do a large amount of damage.
If you’re using her base kit, the Atk/Spd Bond will help if you can keep her next to another unit.
Focus on her Atk & Res, so her weapon can activate to give her more stats. :birbpeek:

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What a coincidence I got my -atk +hp Selkie as my free summon last nite lol. I am using her in TT now. She still does very good damage and insane iceberg bomb. Just team her up with Reyson to buff her Res . Fun unit to use.

Actually I’m kinda curious on this question as well because I also have a -Atk Selkie. What would be a good A-skill on her outside of her native A-skill or Fury 3? Neither of those skills sound at all appealing on a unit like her

Swift Sparrow.

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Atk/Spd Solo, Atk/Res Solo, Brazen Atk/Spd, Brazen Atk/Res. Pretty much anything that increases any of those 3 stats

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So does her weapon’s effect come into play in-combat? So like, the +7 Res from Brazen Atk/Res will apply to her weapon’s effect and give her the maximum boost possible?

In combat

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Awesome, muchas gracias :slightly_smiling_face:

Just remember in order for her to get the maximum +8 to all stats from her weapon tho you need +16 more res than the foe

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This made me chuckle more than it probably should have. xD