Is a Chiron a good star gen for a buster crit team?

Hi guys!!!
I managed to get spooked by Chiron while pulling for Sigurd on my alt account. Since I also managed to pull Sigurd I was wondering if it would be a good idea to work towards a buster crit team with Sigurd as my dps (mainly since I don’t have anyone better) and Chiron as my star gen (again since I don’t have anyone better). Also just an FYI that this alt account of mine is relatively new as well meaning I don’t have any of the common SSR supports like merlin, waver, or tamamo(Sigurd was actually this account’s first SSR pull).


I have neither of them though I’ve tried them via friend support. Chiron, for me, is better used for his buffs rather than his star gen. I don’t know how well he generates stars, but without a star gen buff, or a stars-per-turn buff (or 2030 CE) I doubt he can provide a consistent amount of stars for your DPS.

Not to mention that he has high natural star weight, so he draws in stars more than other classes (except for Riders). If his cards appear the same turn as the DPS Servant, it’s more likely that Chiron will take the bulk of the stars for himself, unless the other Servant is a Rider, or has a skill or CE to increase their star absorption.

Chiron is a great buffer but, to put him in a crit team, the third Servant will need to help provide stars in some way. Preferably by providing plenty of stars so that, even if Chiron takes some or most of the stars, there’s still plenty leftover for the main DPS to use.

Sigurd has a one-turn star gen buff he can use on Chiron, or whoever the third Servant will be, but he lacks ways to overcome Chiron’s star weight, so expect him to lose stars to Chiron if their cards appear on the same turn.

Also, the two of them together may not necessarily work very well. Sigurd will likely come out for Lancer bosses given that he is an ST DPS. Those Lancer bosses will murder Chiron easily due to class advantage.

You could probably use them for Zerk enemies, or large dragons (usually Riders so bringing Caster support is difficult) but Chiron may have to sit out Lancer fights.

I was actually planning on using seal designation enforcer on Sigurd to deal with the star weight issue. Sorry for not clarifying that in the initial post. If Chiron doesn’t work would you happen to have any other recommendations for a star gen that works well with Sigurd?

Not necessarily a bad idea, but I prefer to give a DPS a CE that provides an offensive boost. Especially since Sigurd’s own offensive buffs are a one-turn Buster buff, and a three-time, three-turn crit buff. A good CE will help raise his damage just a little bit more.

A star absorption CE will only be better IF you can ensure a steady and consistent stream of stars to take advantage of the CE. Especially since you cannot always predict when his cards will come out, meaning you NEED to ensure you have plenty of stars each turn in case his cards do come up. Otherwise the CE will not show its proper worth more often than not.

That’s just my opinion though.

As for other star gen options, the best way to ensure you always have stars is via passive star gen. Give your two Supports CEs that generate stars per turn (2030 is the best option but as it’s a 5* CE not everyone may have it) and combine it with either Servants with star gen buffs or stars per turn skills.

This way, you aren’t forced to pick Quick cards just to generate stars, especially if the Quick cards belong to the Supports while Sigurd has a possible brave chain on the same turn.

I’d say this isn’t the best idea as there are way too many issues to counteract
1- Sigurd = saber, Chiron = Archer You take sigurd to Lancer battles and instantly you need to start babying Chiron
2 - Starweight issues, Unless you can consistently flood the field with stars Sigurd is not getting many. Seal Designation enforcer is kind of a double edged sword. Sure it helps gather stars but it does nothing unless you have enough stars to crit anyway. Compare that to Aerial Drive on Sigurd or Sumo
3. Chiron has 3 hit quick cards with a a stargen of 8%, for comparison Cursed Arm Hassan has also 3 hit quick cards at a stargen value of 25%. Even with MLB Be elegant he’ll have trouble generating enough stars
4. While I think Chiron is a good servant with really good skills I’d rather honestly bring Santa Altera if you wanted to bring an archer as a stargen for whatever reason particularly in this setup

I’d honestly jut work on Hans until he gets his strengthening Late2020-early 2021 where he gets 15 stars per turn for 3 turns as he’ll be more useful in this combo. Or just bite the bullet and throw some exp at Cursed arm or Fuuma.

Passive stargen >>>> Active stargen

Chiron is strictly inferior to running someone like HCA with a 2030 or Kiara CE -> MML (for 3T).

Chiron is an excellent burst unit, with a Carp-like being able to bring in upwards of 35 stars plus his rainbow and crit buffs. But he’s not who you’d take for protracted star generation. Archer star weight’s no dice.

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I’ve also heard of people putting taunt CEs on Chiron to get him out of the way after popping his skills

Yep, that’s what I was alluding to wrt “burst turns.” Here’s an example of such during a TA. Of course, that doesn’t mean you exclusively need to use him while trying to esports; he’s still perfectly strong in non-Turn Attack, but still trying to buff-stack, scenarios. I know Chiron on my alt is staying at L60 forever, even if I won’t be able to re-obtain Outrage until Aeaean Spring Breeze.

Within this context, as OP describes if I read it right, people are generally referring to extended stargen, not like that. Not wrong, but an important distinction. You don’t treat Merlin or Hans like you do Outrage Mozart or such.

Chiron is a good star gen… for 1 turn, and you can actually use this to your advantage to get him to drop his buff and then get completely destroyed by a lancer, with outrage or PG. At least that is what I see on most fgo videos. people even keep him at level 60 to make sure he dies

  • ok cool what about the rest of the turns? Break bars are a thing. You’ve still got to find a way to generate stars for sigurd after that
    -Then you get the flow on effect of if he doesn’t die he’s going to hog the stars he generated for that one turn. lvl 60 Chiron crits. Great.
  • You’re also relying on PG or outrage. Both limited Ce’s that won’t be accessible to everyone. One of which is a 5*… the other one is a 4* that appeared almost 18 months ago and is available in the RP shop for 3 rare prisms if you didn’t get it previously. Again currently it’s pretty tough to acquire 3 rp for the average player today.

And honestly once we start getting into things like keep him at level 60 it becomes a pretty terrible strategy for f2p/c2p who aren’t going to be swimming in high rarity servants. Especially seeing as he’s quite a good unit in cq’s.

Memes are great but practicality is more important. Most people aren’t going to leave Chiron at 60. Most people are asking for consistent stargen when they ask about stargen for building a buster crit team. If they were after a starbomb for 1 turn just get mozart bu that’s not what they’re asking for.

and thats why i hope i get multiple dupes of yan qing or stheno or anne & mary, to purchase that if i get impatient enough waiting for 2 years

Chiron is a solid unit but doesn’t fit with the role of star generator on any crit team where the main DPS is a saber. Try Fuuma for star gen with Sigurd so you don’t have to worry about star weight

I suggest getting
Osakabehime (Assasin)
For the quick crit

I have her BTW that’s why I know