Is a new outfit for Nephenee released soon?


Since everyone have a lot of outfit especially ike and camilla (also brave camilla coming soon).The original outfit Nephenee has a good skill but like haloween,bridal,summer and brave Nepheene looks interesting for me.


Outfit? You mean an alt?
Noone knows if certain characters get an alt anytime soon.
I would say probably not.


Is kinda funny to see someone less used to the flow of things comment about it (sorry dude)

Anyway, there’s really no predicting it.
Protagonists and poplair (female) characters have high chances to get an alternate version (same character, differend unit). So Neph has an above avarage chance.
But even so, there’s a large chance we won’t get one any time soon.

This is simply something we don’t know more than like 1-2 days before they arive.

Or to put it in another way:
95% of the time we don’t know anything about upcomming units until the trailer goes up 2 days before they are put in the game.
There are a few exceptions, like when they told januari would have Radiant dawn characters and march was going to be for Blazing Blade.
And they did tease Tibarn + Nailah a month before they got it.

But those are the very rare exceptions.