Is adding a 2nd charged move to a ML Dragonite worth it?

I have a level 30 Dragonite for the MLrunning Dragon Breath & Dragon Claw. I’m only level 7 for the GBL, so this works pretty well for me. Is it a worthwhile investment to add a 2nd move to the Dragonite? I have the Dragonite candy already and will have the dust today.

My last two sets I used Dialga, Dragonite, Togekiss. Went 3-2 on both of them in high 2500s. Guaranteed loss if they have a Melmetal. 99% loss if they have a Togekiss. 1,000,000% loss if they have a Togekiss and Melmetal. TBH I can’t really see a loss against anything else except Rhyperior (?) maybe a cleverly played+placed Mewtwo (or Heatran?). Metagross tricky but not a guaranteed loss bc Dialga CAN beat Metagross, if luckily played. These 3 major+pretty common weaknesses (Togekiss+Melmetal+Dialga) mean “nobody” (very few) use Dragonite for MASTERS masters…commonly used in Premier.

If this is going to be your main Dragonite for the rest of the PoGo game, then a 2nd move will be worth it because it’ll help in other situations outside of PvP. If this will not be your main Dragonite forever, then don’t do it, even if it might help you occasionally in GBL.

I’ve been rolling with Dragonite for a while and it does pretty well with just 1 move, but if it’s got good stats go for it. Hurricane usually lands on togekiss for big damage and I think you need it to land to beat Metagross? That one I’m not sure about. As far as second moves that one isn’t particularly important In comparison, but it’s an improvement for sure

In Masters only reason I tried Dragonite was immunity to Groudon. Palkia not able to switch catch an EQ after Dialga burns its shields and Groudon’s shields. Plus Palkia versus the re-emerging Giratina-O and A can’t do anything in comparison to Dragonite’s Dragon Claw. I have a Latios Maxed and 2 moved but it can’t catch an EQ either, plus Gira-O Shadow Claws hurt, wouldn’t be AS BAD vs Melmetal (but pretty bad)***Also I get annoyed by the high percentage of players that lead Gira-O, see it is a Dialga…then they switch to their BB Dialga. I switch to Togekiss to beat their Dialga. Then I have Dragonite and Dialga to beat their Gira-O and their other pokemon (unless it is a Melmetal). About the same results against that dodgy setup when I had Dialga/Melmetal/Togekiss and switching my Melmetal to take down their Dialga. Groudon leads give that lineup an almost certain loss.

95% of the time you’re going to be using Dragon Claw. If you want to be more competitive though, then definitely go for a second move; this is pretty much true for any mon in PvP.

In Dragonite’s case, adding Outrage/Hurricane (or even Draco Meteor) alongside Dragon Claw does provide decent use in PvE as well.

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Sad Zuccy Noises I literally got a Dragonair from the Jump Start Research,and it’s prob Not gonna be strong enough for ML once it evolves. I frickin can’t win ONCE becuz I stupidly let my ONLY CP 3000 Pokémon defend a gym.

Hurricane 100%. Obviously you will be using Dragon claw more, but hurricane is an excellent hail Mary move, especially if you get stuck against Togekiss later in the fight.

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