Is Artoria Lancer worth it?

I got her today from the story gacha. I already have Karna, Eresh, Lalter, and Jailter. Is she still worth leveling up.

P.S. Eresh and Jailter have their NP charge max leveled

She’s a great farmer with her 50% NP charge.


She had 50% battery but she will competing with already leveled Eresh. Couple with Karna that have 25% battery she’s going for harsh competition.

I say shelf her


Jailter always have her max charge

Wow, you’re right. I really shouldn’t have leveled the skill

Give her a K-scope and pair her with Waver and you can NP back to back, great farmer thanks to her buster+attack buffs :fgo_umu:

*Edit: replied to the wrong person
I’m talking about Lartoria not Smolter



The 20% battery on refund makes her superior to Eresh, imo—you can double NP with a Kscope and a single Waver; Eresh requires MLB Scope or about extra 20% charge, which in practice means bringing plugsuit and either Merlin, Helena, or Shakespeare.

Damage is comparable as well. Plus, I think her skills are less demanding.

Eresh is much better for CQs, but as a farmer it’s hard to beat Lartoria.