Is Bella lisa worth it?

Hello everyone.bella lisa finally came to shop with 5 percent qp boost and 15 percent boost as personally I have the prism to MLB her but 5000 is a lot of I came here to ask your opinion on this matter.Do you think she is worth it or she is not but you are just gonna buy her so that your friends can use her?

If you already have Mona Lisa, then yes she’s worth it. Otherwise save for ML

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IM sorry my knowledge is not really high.what is ML?


It’s worth it if you’re in QP hell and are borrowing it from friends.

It’s worth it if your friends are in QP hell, and you feel like helping them out and making FP profit in the process.

If you have Mona Lisa, it’s more useful for you. If you have Bella Lisa, it’s more useful for your friends.

Also, mana prism shop CEs after that have mixed bonuses, so this one is a good choice if you want FPs :D


If you dont need your MP for anything else go for it, there’s no downside to it , but if you don’t have mona lisa i suggest going for this CE first since it will benefit you more than bella lisa

Mona Lisa, said it earlier in that same post.


Bottom line is really how MP starved you are. Other than monthly tickets/fous/embers, there isn’t really that much to spend MP on.

We have CEs like Bella Lisa and some one-time purchases like second archive expansions. That’s about it. Calculate how many MPs you will need for monthly purchases before next lotto (main MP source!) and how much you’ll get from events. Then decide if you will have 5k MP to spare.

Maid Lalter

I wish

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I haven’t bought Mona Lisa yet, and I have been saving for Bella Lisa, instead. Frankly, I’d rather have Bella on my support list than Mona on my farming team. I have already gotten to the point where I am only raising servants I don’t really care about (outside of those I have already prepared for), so I just don’t care that much about a 10% QP bonus. I’d rather make my support list more attractive. I don’t need FP either, but I take more pride in my support list than I do my QP value.

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I personally am getting it because I have extra MP and have a few non gamepress, random whales that I would like to remain friends with :fgo_coffee:

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picking their supports and throw them friend points:


One thing to keep in mind is that if you skip buying it now, you would need to spend a rare prism to gain access to it later.

Don’t you think it’s funny how our brains work?

“I don’t need this thing, but I’d better buy it now, because if I don’t, I’ll have to pay even more for this thing I don’t need!”


Yeah, its not like Rare Mana prisms are hard to come by these days. By the time you can buy it again you’re going to have some. What are you going to use them for, friend points?

Personally, the biggest reason I’m getting it is that I have 15k mp after last lottery season. I haven’t used mona lisa for years and it has rarely been used off my support list (at least enough to trump teatime usage), but it will be nice to have around for raids or when friends request it.



I already know I’m not going to have enough mana prisms to buy all five copies. :fgo_sadtomoe:

I guess I’ll save a rare prism I get from Ryouma duplicates for unlocking it in the shop. It’s not as if the Mystic Code I still have to unlock is necessary . . .

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How many MPs are you currently at?

I have seven hundred and sixty-eight, thanks in part to the event going on right now.