Is Caster Cu really that bad?

Ah, yeah, that’s plenty fair enough too IMO. Granted, I do write him off as such outside of anchor or one of the few remaining anchor situations, but that’s from experience. :stuck_out_tongue:

Assassins is fair, too, if node-dependent unfortunately. Still, when applicable, it definitely is. I just wish he also got a bloody starpull to his crit amp like Proto got with his buff. It really wouldn’t be excessive.

Oh right, and him, for 1T. 1000% is enough to give even Gorgon Rider-tier pull for a turn, so you can pull off nice stuff there (albeit while potentially risking ‘wasting’ the Evade instead of popping it during an NP turn which is its own issue).

I brought him to the CQ to test him out a bit. Sure, it’s an easier CQ and I have double damage CEs, but it’s still a way to test crit reliability with a variety of different class servants on his team as well as how his NP damage is doing before its buff.


Guess I really should bring CasCu out to play again now that he’s np4. And since waver ignored me again (:fgo_pout:) I’ve got plenty of feathers for skills

I’mma be real and just say I’m only interested in him for his NP. Recently I took a good look at my Tomoe’s NP affect and have become obsessed with making a burn team work.

So I guess he’s good if you have a super specific team build in mind or just really like Cu but other than that I’d say you’ll find better options basically everywhere

It’s cool that you did that, but it also kind of supports the point that CasCu is overly high maintenance for what he brings. It took 20 turns vs. a Berserker enemy while carrying event damage bonus.

Edit: Holy shit, you had 2x MLB Wolves :stuck_out_tongue:

He also ended up being exactly as I described him being best as (a LMS type, or alongside others), in one of the easier CQs. I’d sooner like to see him in play… elsewhere. I really should bring mine out sometime. I forget if I fou’d the pup, but he’s at least 6/6/6 which is aight.

I expect him to play much better once he gets his NP buff and Cursed Arm gets him first skill buff, those two work together well and the stars on demand really helps out. Third party member kinda varies, I’m sure once Hans gets his third skill buff he’d make a good addition as well.

Yep, had to patch the damage somehow, at least until I eventually grail him.
On that topic, I guess I didn’t say how much damage Cursed Arm’s NP did in that battle, he did 232k damage with it, overkill for that health bar.

Weather that Chu Caster are bad it really depend on how you use him. For me he might not be the best caster but he mostly get the job done even with riduculous high hp enemies with the right team and right strategi

He feels like a diet nursery rhyme. Simply having star gathering skill or either having arts np or 1 more buster card could make him way better

Well he’s Cu, and Cu’s a cool character so there’s that. His Evasion of Arrows is also a great skill regardless of who has it. Problem is, though, his skillset does not meld well with him at all, specifically his damage up. One way he COULD work is if his critical steroid was upgraded to also increase his star absorption. At least then he could use his stronger crits. The upgrade that it does have doesn’t cut it, even if it is a battery now. Even in NP Cu loses out to Babbage who, at level 70, can nuke waves much more easily than Cu, thanks in no small way to his ability to buster brave with all of his attack steroids up. Because of that, unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done for him outside of pulling a Hohenheim. It might just be better to put in another Cu for a separate class and calling it there.

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If he were a 4 star servant released later than he was he would be pretty good. His kit has potential in my opinion, but he was released too early into the game and as a 3*. As he is at the moment, I’m not sure.
They should have made his NP stronger tbh. His upgraded NP inflicts… 10% defense down + 300 burn per turn? that’s pretty weak. If you put him 3rd in a chain every time he NPs he will inflict 20% defense down with 900 burn damage / turn. That should honestly be the bare minimum base with 5% increase per level from there…
I think it would be worth giving him another NP interlude just to address his terrible NP.

Since we are discussing it, does anyone think any of the command codes could make him better? I know some of them have some kind of star-gather up. I was thinking grails + golden fous + command codes might be able to patch him up if you were willing to invest in him. (probably better options to invest in IMO, even his burn is pretty weaksauce)

Idk, what do you guys think? I don’t play JP so I haven’t been able to experiment with any command codes.

His NP also gives 20% buster for 3 turns before dealing damage, so in isolation it’s accually a good NP.
…In isolation.

Thinking about it, I’d add in a star absorb on his disengage if I were to update him

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Good point. but meh, wouldn’t it be better if it was an Arts buff? or if his NP was arts, and buffed arts?
He only has 2 busters if you count his NP. Why DW whyyy xD
Though I guess having a mismatched deck allows him to NP more frequently.

I hadn’t ever considered “diet Nursery Rhyme” (which wouldn’t be unusual with how many units are ‘diet’ versions of those a tier to two above)… but, no, that makes a lot of sense lol.

  • Kits built around spamming their NP in exchange for dealing the Big Numbers
  • Charges (30/30-40)
  • Crit amps (except Alice gets some very important star pull in exchange for differently important Debuff Res)
  • Debuff cleansing
  • Durability shenanigans (Morph vs PFA, I’d say Cu wins out here, but NR gets Debuff Res too so woo)

To that end, yeah, giving him a star pull would make such a difference. Unfortunately it didn’t come tacked onto his S1’s buff, so I suppose Disengage really is the best fit for such a buff because PFA really is that nuts (though it could potentially lead to complications with a team since Disengage and PFA are very much set-it-and-forget-it skills).

Some actual steroids would be good too, I’d not mind a dual-color buff to his PFA if that were the case. Nice 20-30% 3T A/B up.

IMO no. More power to you if you want to DoT meme, but I don’t think he’s who you want to do it with because as you said his burn really is that weaksauce (and it doesn’t even Ignite a la Kiyo’s). Grails and SR Fous are another matter, in which case… well. Follow love, etc. Folks got fully maxed out CasGilles’ out there lol.

I like how so many posts here, mine included, are “Starpull lol” and DW’s not even given him that. :upside_down_face:


IF his NP was arts, then yeah totally.
Honestly that would’ve solved a lot of problems, just like how Saber Gilles really would have liked a buster NP.

Alas, while they update skills, they never change stuff like cards.


ıt would be funny if they straight up slapped space ishtar’s np color changing effect to likes of gilles and caster cu

Lol, good point. I’m more interested in Shuten’s Toxicity tbh. I don’t personally want to take him to lvl 100, but I am just thinking about what happens if you did do so. But even at level 100 with Gold Fous and normal fous he only has like 10,000 atk… if you throw a MLB BG on him he ends up around 12,400 ish, which is okay. But a lot of investment for little payoff, IMO.
I have mostly been taking 4 stars to level 90 myself lately. I’d sooner take Nursery to lvl 100 for her crit game, which is ironic considering how CasCu was just compared to her as a budget version.

Lol yeah, it’s like DW deliberately gimps certain servants by making their deck mismatched.
"He would be too good if his NP was arts, lets make it buster, and give him only one other buster card… (despite his np buffing buster cards.) "
Even if you used Summer BB (which we don’t have in NA yet) he only has 1 buster card…

What I reeaaally want is a support servant that has the ability to change other servants NP card type.
Unfortunately that seems only plausible on a BB variant, and we already have 2 of them so… not expecting that any time soon lol.
Plus it would make certain servants too busted. (edit: though I suppose it would have to have a cooldown, so maybe it would be reasonable? not sure)
Imagine Moriarty with an Arts NP drools

I mean, using CCs for more DoT wasn’t really implied there, there’s lots of non-DoT CCs out there.

DoT isn’t really his niche in the first place, the burn is more of a lore detail at this point unless they give him an ignite buff later on.
His niche is primarily survival between his PFA and Disengage, and they even made his bond CE heal-per-attack as an extra reminder of his niche. Though I definitely agree that he should get either a star gather or a star burst on his Disengage, it doesn’t get used often anyway, so giving it two different uses wouldn’t be as tedious as some other servants’ skills.

As for the cards, that was likely just early game design when all of the servants of a class had basically the same decks with very little variation. Though like Emiya it means he can use his NP more often, which is nice if you have him NP5, just waiting on the upgrade to reach NA myself to get the buster buff.

10,900 actually, but that is surprising.
the star level oppression is greater than I expected, but I’ll continue to channel Spartacus and fight it nonetheless
seriously, why is there no Spartacus emoji? :fgo_circereally:


Fair, that was my own misreading into it. He is, definitely, more about not dying in the first place.

If you can actually NP5 him he’s a strong farming Caster. Charge+reasonably good damage, middle ground between Para/Avicebron and Geronimo.

He’s also the only Sky-attrtibute low rarity AOE. But his biggest strength is his steriods, 50% crit buff+stackable Buster up evey time he NPs is a lot better than what his competition has on offer, if you ever tries to use him outside of farming.