Is Chen Gong in the Na server right now?

stopped playing last year or so a couple months after all the new friendly gacha servants got added on Japan, got back last week I did well on saber wars event and yesterday I got lucky on the class caster banner and got myself a waver(one of the servants I wanted most since the beggining), they probably knew that If it was scheherazade I would have dropped the game again xD.



Wait until 4th Anniversary, and given NA isn’t even at 3rd Anni yet… it’ll be a bit.

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damn… this is so sad… oh well at least I have Waver I am gonna train him up while waiting for chen

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The fact that having Waver makes you want Chen Gong tells me exactly what’s on your mind and what you plan to do with them.

Poor Waver. It has got to be rough.

Well Zhuge Liang did die from overworking himself

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Really? I thought that was Caster Gilgamesh’s expertise. :fgo_casgilworry:

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So appropriate that you used the CasGil emoji.

Yeah he overworked himself trying to defeat Sima Yi and died. At least no one used him as a battery and then as a sacrifice. :fgo_casgilworry:


Waver (to Arash): Your NP gauge is full.


Chen Gong (to Waver): My NP gauge is full.

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Since I watched most of the 2010 show The Three Kingdoms, the main thing I remember as an interaction between those two is Zhuge Liang humiliating Sima Yi earlier in the story, but likely that was added to build the rivalry for later on. Unless I’m mixing up my tacticians, which is possible I suppose.

Something I noticed when looking into Sima Yi’s history: ‘Zhang He died after a stray arrow hit him in the right knee.’ So I guess the Skyrim meme is accurate after all…

Back to the original topic, I’m mostly excited for Chen Gong because then I can use him alongside Lu Bu with updated animations, which will be epic.

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And then Chen Gong summons another Lu Bu during his extra attack, so you have two Lu Bus.

Ideally I’ll have Red Hare in the group as well (assuming I can get him because story-locked), so I’ll sort of have three Lu Bus at once (a lot of Red Hare’s design resembles Lu Bu since Lu Bu was his main rider, also Red Hare’s NP mimics Lu Bu’s).

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