Is Cloud Maiougi good?

So I pulled a H!Elincia on the Special heroes banner, -Atk +HP, and because I don’t care for her I was wondering if her dagger was any good?
So is the dagger or any of her other fodder good?

The anti Vantage effect can be useful on AR defense, and dragon effectiveness is nice too

That’s all Elincia has really, aside from amazing artwork


It’s anti-dragon so you should never ever use it ever. The weapon is so bad you might as well just turn any unit unlucky enough to have it into feathers. Just don’t even bother, the weapon needs to be refined into something non-anti-dragon to be ever good. In conclusion, never use ever. :feh_maristare:

anti-dragon-effectiveness shield when IS???


Can I have it?


I was thinking of giving it to Sothe for whenever I start merging him. High attack units can really make use of it to try and one shot them. I dunno how well a high power set (like Death Blow 4 + Sturdy Blow + buffs) can do against someone like, I dunno, Idunn though.

But I’ll give it to Jaffar, so. :yum:

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I mean she is a dancer even with - attack she is useful. Her dagger is decent but there are better daggers unless you need a dragon killer ( which we have plenty nowadays)

True. If there’s anything we don’t need, it’s more dragon killers.

But I don’t have an often used dragon destroyer, so it can help.

Give it to an Astra dagger Dancer when on Aether raids. It helps make Naga more powerful.

Personally my fav dancer is elincia, but you don’t seem interested. If you give the her deathblow, its a surprisingly helpful utility against blue dragons, especially if they don’t have DC.

I don’t think your offense team should worry about making Naga more powerful. She’s not a strong unit and is only there to help your score. Although using the dagger on offense might not be a bad idea since people do run DC Vantage Duma on defense teams and Cloud Maiougi is a hard counter to it.

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Keep in mind we just got Larum who has the exact same weapon, Hardy Bearing and all, so maybe consider the Push skill instead.

It’s alright. Pretty good weapon on AR Defense to discourage dragon tanking and on any high Atk dagger to one-shot dragons (Sothe’s a good choice).

It’s main issue is that Splashy Bucket is generally superior as a dragon effective dagger since it blocks adaptive damage, allowing high Res dagger units like Kaze to comfortably sponge dragon counterattacks. It also can be combined with Desperation, unlike Cloud Maiogi.

True. While the order of attack can cancel things like Vantage, it also cancels out your Desperation, so if you don’t kill the enemy on that first attack then, depending on your build and stats, you might get a beam to the face.

Although Desperation may not be 100% necessary if you have high resistance and have something like Mystic Boost, although that depends on if you’re using things like Mirror Impact and whatnot.