Is darkrai duo possible? And how would you improve this team..?

Yo dudes, so… I heard a few rumours about things, regarding if darkai can be duo’d. This would be WITH CLOUDY WEATHER boost , obviously.

This is my current team.

  1. Is it doable?
  2. What would you do with these Pokémon to round out my fighting team?
    As I currently have, 11x level 38+ machamp’s and 1x level 40 breloom. (Is this enough :thinking:)

Current resources include, 100k dust, 370 champ candy. 0 charge TMS…

Interested to know, would you guys evolve a machop or upgrade a hariyama ??? Thoughts please.

(For information, name layout is as follows. 40,15,14,15 Dp,
Level 40, 15 attack, 14 defence, 15 Hp. Dynamic punch.)
(HS = heavy slam, Cc = Close combat/ GG = grass, grass, GF = grass, fighting. Ect. ) Thanks

No, it might be possible with 3 in cloudy weather.

I’ll feed into your flex and tell you the obvious answer is: not much. Unless there’s a magical breakpoint somewhere between lv 38-40 for any of your machamp, you already have almost two full teams of Machamp that have little room for improvement.

So unless something has changed today, Darkrai got released at tier 6 difficulty rather than tier 5. That means 50% more HP and a raid boss CP of over 65k. That means a duo and trio are both impossible, and a quad is difficult. I’d suggest 5 accounts being the current minimum for taking on Darkrai if it remains at tier 6 difficulty.

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Darkrai has changed by niantic to t6 like mewtwo, duo has become impossible. Trio maybe with weatherboost

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Assuming 15 attack in cloudy weather with best friend bonus, your Machamps only need to be level 34 to reach the max breakpoint. With 14 attack it’s level 34.5.

RyanSwag (one of the GamePress contributors) did a video on his YouTube channel about duo and trio and what DPS you need. However, it was assuming T5 health/CP and Darkrai got released with T6 health/CP. If Niantic changes this the duo is possible in cloudy weather. In fact Breloom came very close to duo without weather boost.

Now I feel slightly less bad about failing to trio it with a weather boost. Thanks.

I beat Dark pulse with 4 best friend phones…but against shadowball, not so lucky. Here it is sunny, partly cloudy, and also very often windy. I’d like a cloudy day before I’d feel better than a 50% chance to beat 22500hp

At least I got constant cloudy here (and loads of 20 people groups). Sadly they changed the recommended team back to where it started so I might have less luck here.