Is Deoxys Normal solo-able?

Last Gamepress guide lists Mewtwo and Tyranitar as supreme counters (for easy Duo) but now we also have Giratina, Darkrai and Hydreigon to try solo. Is it possible? How many maxed ones will be required?

Against ZH/PB, Shadow Weavile has a TTW of 307.1s in fog. A solo requires a TTW of less than 300s.

Shadow Weavile is viable for the “mock/fake” solo against Psycho Boost sets.

Of course, Deoxys Attack is a fairly easy solo.

The simple answer is no it isn’t!
You could be the only one doing damage in the mock/fake but you would still need your friend in the fight to have a small chance… so no solo isn’t possible.

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It is solo-able in foggy weather… if you have 18 shadow Darkrai or chandelure :joy:

What about duoable? Cuz usually only about 1 of my friends, or if im lucky, 2 of them are actually on and accepting my invites.

Duo is very easy… even with level 25 Pokemon you can beat him

Okayyyy…yay!! I’m level 34 at this point, and most of my raid Pokémon are CP 2000. I use this team for Rayquaza: Metagross (not CD sadly) with Bullet Punch and Psychic, Togekiss with Charm and Dazzling Gleam, Aggron with Smack Down and Thunder, glaceon with ice shard and avalanche, weavile with feint attack and avalanche, and Snorlax with lick and outrage.

You need dark or ghost type pokémon to beat deoxys with only 2 trainers.

Tyranitar with dark moves (or Darkray)… Giratina, Chandelure, Weavile Honckrow and so on.

To beat him with only 2 players you really need Giratina/Darkray/Tyranitar or Chandelure to really stand a chance and they need to be around 2500 - 3000 CP depending on the Pokémon

Not trying to put you down but many Pokemon at CP 2000 are not that great, if you can try to power a Tyranitar (with dark moves), also Metagross and Togekiss need to be higher to really make a difference. You should try to power your Pokemon between level 25 and 30.

Metagross with Psychic isn’t all that good, do not make the mistake I did to power that one to much… wait until December and make your a Meteor Mash one.

Glaceon and weavile are great Pokémon … if you can power them up a bit.

Level 25 is 4000 stardust and 3 candies, level 30 is 5000 stardust and 4 candies.

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Oh, um, I don’t even have Tyranitar, I only started in like 2019 and I wasn’t lucky enough to get enough candies to evolve my Pupitar from the July research breakthrough box (had they made it like Shinx and Trapinch and made it so you got like 10 candies when you caught the research breakthrough box reward, I would’ve Pinaped all dem Larvitars). Also Ground-type grunts. Normally they have shadow Larvitar, but they never show up anywhere!! ITS ALWAYS JUST THE STUPID GHOST GRUNTS THAT ARE COMPLETELY USELESS NOW. I mean, Metagross is at its strongest CP at my level, but I don’t have enough stardust for Togekiss, but I do have a few leftover candies from Go Fest. Metagross: CP 3407. Togekiss: CP 2105. Weavile: CP 2207. And Glaceon: CP 2021. Glaceon definitely needs powering up, Metagross is fine, Togekiss, maybe, and Weavile, definitely.

Why did I start humming this when I saw this topic?

Hmm, maybe I confused it for a second. This is the proper one:

Trainer level and CP doesn’t matter. It’s what pokemons/movesets you’re using that matters. Pokemon’s levels are not being displayed in game, but there are ways to find out.

One way:

-Poke Genie tells you what level they’re at.

-You could also look up by IV/CP in any CP calculators. There are plenty availalbe

For example, a level 25 weavile with perfect IV is 2,146 CP. With Snarl and Foul Play, It can deal about 31 Damage per second against Deoxys. In a 270 seconds, two players with all level 25 weaviles (with the right moves) on their team can deal more than 15,000 damage, which is the HP of level 5 boss. If a ny of you or your teammates’ weavile has the wrong moves, you won’t be able to deal enough damage for a duo.

If you use your 3407 CP metagross (BP/Psychic) is around level 33. It can only deal about 10 damage per second. You won’t be able to do a duo in the 300 seconds window. It is not the pokemon to use in a Deoxys raid.

If numbers give you a headache, the easiest way to understand what i just wrote is “'CP doesn’t matter.”… CP is just an overall number to rate pokemons. I don’t know if you play sports. It’s like, you have a classmate who is 6 feet tall but never played basketball. Your 5’2" classmate who has been playing for years can easily beat him in basketball with his skill sets. Without knowing their background, most people would think that the 6 feet classmate is better by “number.”

Once you understand these, you will actually save a lot of stardust and stop powering up just for the numbers. For example, in a Rayquaza raid, a un-powered up rayquaza caught from previous raids (level 20 with Dragon Tail and Outrage) can perform better than your Metagross.

Apologies in advance if this is too complicated.


Trainer level does matter because you can only power 2 levels above your trainer level, and CP matters too only there is much more then only CP. CP is the number that defines your Pokemon with his individual stats at his level. You are correct ofcourse right in stating that CP alone will not get you very far. Typing is like you said way more important, and choosing the right Pokémon for the job isn’t always that easy. Next to correct typing in attack you also want to look at your own defensive typing (Metagross with psychic looks great to attack fighters but Metagross is steel and steel is weak to fighting so…).

For new trainers it isn’t all that easy but if you @Zuccy123 want to know what Pokémon you could use you could take a look at Pokebattler but remember what @Banana74x wrote your typing and attack is way more important then having a high CP Pokémon.

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You all talk about Foggy weather as though it actually exists :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


:innocent: :innocent: :innocent:
You all talk, you all talk… only two (three with you) talked about foggy weather the other four didn’t talk about foggy weather, in only two posts it was talked about before you came along in 10 there was no mention of that weather… so no need to say we all talk about foggy weather
:innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

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I actually experienced a Foggy day in Pokemon Go a month or 2 ago.
I was really surprised because it wasn’t even foggy outside, and I had seen actually foggy days when the in game weather was something else, but that day there was so much humidity in the air and the weather was so weird overall that I guess it made sense. :man_shrugging:t2::laughing:
Edit: I got to add Castform’s Snowy form to the dex thanks to that, since it doesn’t snow here :blush:

I had a foggy day back in January… what did the game show?


A player with those counters needs to be “carried” by a larger group of well-equipped raiders. So no to the yay. If you live in a rural area, or haven’t discovered the wonders of Discord, I’m afraid you’ll be wasting your raid passes on anything more challenging than a level 3 raid.

Not true. While I do live in a pretty rural area, I have a few gyms around me and I was able to get a Rayquaza from Dragon Week and Kyurem from the Kyurem raids. But yeah, once I tried a Rayquaza raid and I was only able to get 2 of my friends from the invites. I got close, but one of them left.