Is draco meteor any good in PvP? Or, Dragonite moveset reflexion

This is roughly a follow-up to Rocket Battles: Dragonite or Latios?

I probably won’t need a dragon claw moveset it to beat a rocket Bagon, however I tested dragon breath/dragon claw with a lvl 20 Latios against Spark and it’s damn efficient at stunlocking and soloing that lineup!

So, I am keeping that project of giving dragon claw to a Dragonite (and maybe to an earth power Flygon too, but I am still lacking a reason to think the investment will pay off for now). The question is: do I stay with dragon claw alone? Do I try to get it with outrage? How about draco meteor to finish off a pokémon once dragon claw kills the shields?

So, have you tried draco meteor in PvP? How does it stand competition against outrage?

Side question: anyone using dragon tail/dragon claw? It does not seem far from dragon breath/dragon claw in performance. The idea would be that a dragon tail/dragon breath/outrage or draco meteor Dragonite would be really usable in any battle mode of the game!

Draco Meteor is the exclusive CD move for Dragonite, so if you’re evolving a new one, it won’t have Draco Meteor.

Dragon Tail is the choice for raids, but in PVP format, Dragon Breath offers similar energy gain and has more raw DPS. So DB is generally preferred over DT in PVP.

Personally I’d say in the frame of current Rocket Leader battles, Dragon Claw is the most essential move because of shields. And you can continuously spam DC after shields are down, although it sometimes drags the battle a bit longer. Outrage takes too long to charge for shield-breaking, but can be paired with DC as a double move nuke option. Draco Meteor takes even longer to charge and has an attack debuff, thus is like a more extreme version of Outrage.

I’ve been using my lvl 33/34 Dragonite with Dragon Breath+Dragon Claw/Outrage against Arlo. I usually farm energy on Bagon with DB, then break shields with DC on the next Pokemon and continue to do damage with either DC or Outrage. Against Charizard, both moves can work. Against Steelix, it’s just plain better to switch for a more efficient counter after burning Arlo’s shields. I haven’t encountered Blastoise so far, though. I suspect it’s somewhere in the middle and might still more or less work with both moves.

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Yes, the plan is to use Dragonites I already have. 2 of them have draco meteor.

In this case, if your DM Dragonite is already powered up, I’d add a second move to get Dragon Claw.

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To be clear: I have one outrage, 2 draco meteor, one hyper beam and one return Dragonite (ranging from lvl 38 down to 25 respectively). So I really have a choice here. That’s why I’m looking for opinions from people using those 3 moves in fights. I made a couple of try runs against Spark, helpful, but I need more information.

If I were in your shoes, I’d pick a lvl 30+ Dragonite with Dragon Breath as fast move. If it’s the one with Hyper Beam or Return, then I’d TM it into Dragon Claw. If it’s the one with DM or Outrage, then I’d add a second move to get Dragon Claw.

Dragonite’s strength in PVP format mainly comes from the combination of Dragon Breath (good raw DPS + ok EPS) and Dragon Claw (very spammy). Outrage and Draco Meteor provide a nuke option parallel to DC and can work against Rocket Grunts, but against Rocket Leaders, DC is essential to break shields.

Draco Meteor is a high risk/high reward move. 150 damage for 65 energy is ridiculously good value. For comparison, Earthquake deals 120 damage for the same energy cost, and Outrage deals 40 less damage for 5 less energy. Then there’s the 2-stage attack debuff that comes alongside Draco Meteor. It’s pretty brutal.

My take on the move is that it’s exceptionally good when you’re closing out a match in PvP and shields are down, as DM will one-shot quite a few Mons that don’t outright resist it. It’s far more risky when shields are in play though, unless you’re playing mind games with your opponent and make them think you’re going for DM and get them to waste a shield on DC.

TL;DR - You’ll mostly resort to using DC spam, but DM can function as an excellent one-shot nuke to close out a match late-game.


I would agree with @BlameScott. It’s a really good PVP move for closing out, and in my eyes almost even necessary on Dragonite for PVP to reach maximum potential because it gives far more burst power than Dragon Claw. You really need both, as expensive as it may be. So once shields are down, after spamming Dragon Claw, you can use Draco Meteor to put out intense pressure - or even better, when they only have one shield left that you NEED gone for an ally to succeed, you can use Draco Meteor. They’ll be forced to shield it, or take massive damage.


I mostly have rocket grunts in mind, although PvP is something I am thinking about. I wonder if Dragonite will live long enough to kill both shields of a rocket leader with dragon claw, and then charge a draco meteor to nuke one pokémon.

Personally I’d say a lvl 33/34 Dragonite should be able to reach Draco Meteor after burning 2 shields with Dragon Claw when fighting against Arlo.

Mine is DB+DC/Outrage. I put it on the second position and immediately switch it in to gain another 2-3 seconds of stalling time. Then I farm energy on Bagon and break 2 shields on the second Pokemon without using my own. When I reach Outrage, my Dragonite is usually in the yellow. Outrage needs 60 energy, DM needs 65, and DB generates 3 energy per hits. So two more DB will be enough to launch DM without fainting.

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What if you only have a level 29.5 Dragonite at 11 / 12 / 25 with DB + Outrage? I’m a long way from having enough dust to add a 2nd attack. If I only have 1 charged attack, should I keep Outrage or try TM’ing for Dragon Claw?

This is for PVP in ML mostly.

I’d say TM to Dragon Claw if you have enough charged TM. It puts more shield pressure than Outrage does.

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Saved my ass far more often than Thunder would have, using Dialga

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Dragon Claw is better. But if its only 29.5 and havent dust or candy to max him as high, as your lvl cap let you, then it wont perform well.

I have been using DM\DC. I feel like it is really good as a closer and sometimes it works well as a move to throw before you bail. I have had trainers not shield DM with a metagross or a melmetal and it helps me win the battles.

I would say try to TM do dragon claw. But I tried that myself and I spent 15 CTM to cycle through all Dragonite’s moves except Dragon claw :sob: I’m seriously considering powering up another, lower level Dragonite which has dragon claw… But that cost…

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