Is Duo Sigurd still worth it?

I’ve missed out on him the last few times, but looking both at ARO (help Lynja) and ARD, I am reconsidering going for him this time. Idk if safety fence or anything else has made him less desirable so thoug it would ask the AR players. Thoughts?


I don’t have him but I’d imagine he’s still worth it. He’s a duo and a dancer, that alone makes him good for AR-D because he can enable hindrance. Then add him being a cavalry and he’s probably even better.


I have Duo Sigurd and, while he isn’t necessary, having a Cav Dancer is really nice and it helps that he can actually make a good mage tank too who can hit hard :catdance:

Honestly, it depends on needs


Yeah this is a tough one because so many good units are coming back out. I regret not going for H Dorothea when she came out, and don’t want to regret this.

These days I almost need to plan out my goals by writing them down and adjusting them.


He’s still a duo dancer. Regardless of the fence, he’s still a valuable asset to a lot of defenses, especially since he has 3 movement


I have two copies and I use one in both my Dark and Anima defenses :grimacing:

D!Sigurd traps still work, even with the safety fence.

I’m in the vault and my defense only lost 3 times this week; I only lost 15 lift.

Even with bad IVs and the budget DB3, he still oneshots some stuff.

Mostly though, he’s valuable for expanding the threat range and letting Rally/Restore traps do their thing


Yeah he is. Max range dancer who’s tough to kill at a distance and enables the tower is extremely helpful. You don’t need to waste aerobatics or guidances, choose between a duo and dancer, or lose range on a cav line.

I’ve killed him twice because lull Atk/Res is my holy grail, but I do regret it.


Thanks for the input fellas. The duo part I almost forgot works with hindrance which is a big deal. 3 squares without needing heron transform is also nice.

they dance, they are on a horse.
so yeah.


Slap L.Sigurd on the team :moneybag:


I only have OG Sigurd

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I was just saying, putting L and Duo Sigurd on a ARD team gets pretty damn annoying just because of the movement buff


Sigurd is always worth it


I don’t know about him being worth chasing on a 4-unit banner with no spark. Depends on specifics of your barracks and teams

Imma echo the sentiment of the thread:

He’s a 3 mvmt duo dancer. Safety fence or not that’s still unparalleled utility

also safety fence still doesn’t mean a free win vs dance trap teams


or you’re like me and don’t use the fence


I got him on that free pull seasonal 5 Star they do every year and he’s remained a powerhouse since

I actually once had a toss up between him or Duo Lif for Lull on one of my own units and realized that as strong as Duo Lif was, Duo Sigurd was more versatile than him for team comps which was what decided it

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So… I’ve decided to hold off until the next new heroes banner. If they aren’t a unit I need for AR, I’ll probably fo for Sigurd. That’s the plan anyway!


He’s very good and consistent, but not really a necessity.
Go for him if you have spare orbs and are having trouble getting defense successes or don’t have a duo hindrance enabler.

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…so about that, ladies and gentlemen.

Not a Yuri fan in general, but that foul play is insanely good. I think I’ll sadly have to skip Sigurd and go for Yuri. I can see incredible things happening in AR with him. I hate passing Sigurd up but don’t think I have a choice here.

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