Is Echidna going to demote?

Just curious - I thought she was going to be a good demote target, but since Ross was just put into the pool, I wasn’t sure. I’m sort of looking to merge up a green axe infantry unit - it’s one of the few things I don’t have in my barracks. The best I got is 40+2 Female Kana :/

Ross seems like the obvious choice, but Echidna’s got a slightly better spread. I really hope she demotes. Is it likely?

The only other axe user I like is Libra. And maybe investing in him is wiser despite lower bst due to an incoming pref. Still, 40 base hp is meh - I want 45 or 47. Hawkeye’s got the spread too, but 158 bst is like a no-go now.

She already did :feh_lynstare:


Awesome, I didn’t realize that. I got my merge project then. Thanks!


I hope you get some copies of her soon! :feh_hridexcited:

I have the 5* copy of her I got for free, that’s why I wasn’t sure. So I’m started anyway :) I like her spread a lot better than Ross. She’s perfect. She’s got better bulk and better speed than Libra, who would have been my second choice. Libra’s still good though - I just don’t have any investment. With a 5* copy of Echidna, I’m actually further along in this and I save 20k feathers too. I want to give her a Galeforce setup. I’ve got an Edelgard I don’t even use, so I can fodder some stuff from Edelgard onto Echidna too.

GP needs to up their database then, because I was going off of their information and it still says 5* exclusive.

It was literally one day ago
Cut them some slack

It wasn’t a criticism. it was a statement of fact.

tbf their have been a few post mentioning that she got demoted… and I was the first one to mention it from what I was told

Do you think they instantly update everything that’s going out in FEH?
Besides that there was a notification in FEH, so I see no point in pursuing what GP wrote out when it’s clearly ingame already

no, did i say i did? :upside_down_face:

i said they need to update their database. Is that not a factual, truthful statement? They do need to update it.

You’re reading a tone and context that just isn’t there.

I didn’t read their most recently posts honestly.

Tho, by the looks of it it takes time to update these things, I mean Tethys isn’t even updated




Some people are impatient, or just need an excuse to snap at GP for whatever reason.

It’s not a big deal that it’s not updated, and it’s a good thing people here post about demotions anyways.

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Usually 1 of the first thing’s that gets posted when a new banner comes out is if a unit git demoted… I’m surprised it took an hour for Echidna

I think everyone was distracted by free story orbs the new book.

True… I only did those after I checked who got demoted… I woke up at 3am

That’s way too early

Because I fell asleep at 20pm and I only get about 4-5 hours of sleep to begin with