Is Frankenstein really that good?

Basically, I need a farming berserker and the best one I have right now is Chaca which I now finally grow annoyed with. I’ve always been in love with Frankenstein’s design so I was thinking of grabbing her on the freebie. But after realizing that she needs a lot of bones just for 6/6/6 skills and even this Da Vinci event can’t save me from bone hell, I’m currently rethinking my options.

Will she still be powerful with low level skills? Also, isn’t that 2 turn stun and burn demerit annoyingly fatal? Should I just pick Zerkerlot instead? (tho I’m also low on claws)

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Frankie has the highest 4* AOE damage, I don’t have her so not sure if she needs maxed skill. Zerkerlot has the best 4* AOE loop, however you will need 2x skadi to do it.


if you’re farming, the stun and burn are non-issues. you can also use CEs or other servants to clear debuffs (BB) if you’re Skadi looping.

All farming comps assume level 10 in the used skills, there’s never a way around that. I can tell you she’s quite good at x/8/8, and the first skill makes Skadi looping much easier.

Big ass nuke, gotta level her skills to squeeze out that damage obviously.

Burn demerit is irrelevant in farming, stun can be annoying if you rely on face cards heavily in conjunction with her NP in farming.

Raise Spartacus, he’s generally better than Chacha. More on-demand charge, better damage, lower team cost.


yeahh but that AOE loop needs, like you said, 2x Skadi. Getting bones means I need to repeatedly farm Fuyuki, but getting Skadi means I need to get a RL job for the quartz. :frowning:


well I was thinking of her being at more lower values, like you know, 4/4/4 :slight_smile:

I hate bones.

Actually I already have. I have him at level 60 with 6/1/7 skills and I can’t seem to get the same results. The guy hits really weak for me and dies too quickly. Hence, the reason why I was forced to stick with Chaca. Do I need to grail him so he would make an impact?


sparty is better that chacha with lower the cost for party, mats, qp, etc.

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No. To be honest, I have to question how you are handling farming, are you face carding your way through everything?

No one should have a chance to die in a normal farming run.

Spartacus’ card damage is relatively weak due to his low attack stat, but his high steroids and upgraded NP makes his NP punch above his weight.

His second skill, the battery, is the biggest part of what makes him great, leaving it at level 1 doesn’t help him much. At level 6, it is 20% charge, he can NP by imself with Kscope. At level 10, it is a 30% charge, top up 20% with Waver/Merlin and slap a good free 50% CE like Aerial Drive on him and his damage just explodes.


My lvl 80, fou’d, NP1 Frankenstein (3rd skill NP up at lvl 4) does about the same damage as my lvl 90, fou’d, NP2 Zerkerlot at around 100,000 for 2 enemy servants, farming the 2nd wave of the Louvre event battle. I haven’t used Chacha until this event, and she does a good job of helping to 3 turn clear the Louvre battle.

describe face carding.

Well I guess I was overreacting when I said he would always die but his low damage was the thing that kind of turned me off. At that time, Chaca seriously hits better than him both on normal cards and NP and I like her first skill, it’s useful and we’re being rewarded with more NP everytime mobs keep hitting the annoying brat. But now I’ll try Sparty back and raise him to max since he’s not that expensive to raise.

edit: nevermind. max skills Sparty needs bones. :frowning:

‘face carding’ is a common phrase to describe the use of regular command cards.

Reliance on command cards is a RNG-element, and people usually want to minimise RNG-elements in farming. NP charge+NP damage are crucial components towards reducing RNG in farming, and Spartacus has both in spades for a free servant.


If you have bunyan, she’s a good replacement for chacha. However bunyan and sparty are best used on wave 1 or 2. There are debuff ce if you want to avoid the Frankie stun.

Local Fran enthusiast here.

As others have outlined, on NA she has the highest AoE damage of all Berserkers if you assume NP1 for gacha servants and NP5 for welfares and 1-3* servants. That does come at the cost of her lack of battery and self-stun tho. You can avoid the self stun by simply plugsuiting her out or using her to kill wave 3 in farming quests, and that’s how she is used 99% of the time. You can just skip her S1 entirely, and her most important skill is her S3. But she will do plenty of lifting at 1/6/6 already.
Compared to Zerkerlot: much lower NP damage at same NP levels, but unlike her he actually can do something else than nuke with his NP; namely his crits are pretty filthy and he can NP twice with the right setup even before Skadi. Unlike Fran he needs all three of his skills levelled to perform well.

Both are good at what they do, but while I’m pretty much obsessed with Fran I’d still recommend Zerkerlot over her. He is more flexible and if you plan to roll for Skadi he becomes even better. Fran is great at what she does but Zerkerlot is simply a lot more widely applicable.


Oh, then no. I suck but I’m not that noobish. I usually have Merlin or Helena for buster farming. I guess it’s just a matter of raising the wrong skills first and yeah I guess I kinda underestimated him.

Don’t worry, I learned my mistakes and will try to raise the muscle boy better.

Tho if I do decide to pick Frankie then that’s goodbye Sparty.

Fran and Spartacus fill different roles actually, one doesn’t invalidate the other.

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I was thinking about him like you, I didn’t even bother keeping a single copy of him until right before last NeroFest.

Now he’s Bond 8, 4/10/9 and grailed to 70 as reward for his usefulness.

It’s really that 30% instant battery at level 10 that makes the difference, it allows using CEs that no other AoE berserker can equip during events like this lottery.


Does this mean that the skill is already good enough on level 1 or is it because it’s not that good as it says on paper?
Because looking at the hit counts I guess It’s understandable.

The more the merrier then.

I have Fran at lvl 90 NP3 and I can tell you she’s by far the strongest berserker AoE in term of damage. Beyond Raikou (even at NP2) and even other Aoe Servant against their own advatage class. Fran is great at wipping the last wave with a really good second skill which can be really useful agaisnt strong opponent. Zerkerlot is really good too but not in the same way at all.

If you need someone who can do big damage in a one go, go for Fran. Seh’s really useful too for Farming node like the Da Vinci one.

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Galavnism is not a bad skill but most of the time Fran is used for farming whith a Kaleido or something like that.

I currently don’t have any copy of Kaleido. Can I make do with 50% NP CE’s? I was thinking of strapping her with either a Halloween Princess for the NP gain and extra attack stat, or One Summer for the Quick card & Np strength buff plus extra health.