Is Friday the only chance to get Secret Caster Gem?

Because I don’t see any nodes with average drops below 100 AP. Am I totally boned from raising my king until next Friday? Why does this event not have those gems and Rider gems from drops or shops? What do DW have against both of these classes?

I think normally ?

I think gilfest will have everything tho

events tend to only have gems for the servants on rate up. there’s no rider or caster swimsuit with this year’s event, so the event shop doesn’t have rider or caster gems.
The caster daily is considered very good in general, and is a recommend to do on off days. There should be a farming node in the event populated by casters and by riders, those will drop gems, but at a lower rate than the daily; but you will be farming event currency and points.

Wait for gilfest. I swear under the tons of noob mistakes I’ve made, It will fulfill all your needs for mats… Most of them

Yeah this is funny and a major dick move tbh. There is a node that drops Caster gems but not the tier 3 ones. WHY? It can’t be remotely hard to just add another mob that drops gold Caster gem.

Farming secret gems from nodes is usually a terrible idea. It’s why we go so hard on lotteries, and Caster is the only one with a remotely reasonable normal drop rate; the others are way worse.

yeah, caster’s is actually a decently solid drop rate for gold gems with its 40ap dailies. though I’d still advise to wait for half ap training grounds if you intend to farm them. which should next arrive with our own version of jp’s 14m downloads campaign, eta just after summer3 finishes nvm, wiki is worthless

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Oh sweet baby Jesus, I can get those last 2 np levels for Martha sooner than I thought!

Unfortunately, Friday is really the only one with decent chance at Caster Secret Gem.

I have tried a bunch of other options such as Sandstorm Dessert in Camelot (for double farming: Caster Gem and Bones); but with 3% drop rate, I have not even gotten one drop despite farming 70+ bones out of the node. (The Sphinx always drop the Caster Ember for me.)

The Fandom wiki is incorrect, it’s only 1/2 AP Embers for the 14 Million Download campaign, not all daily quests. Source:

You can check my compendium expansion for all secret gems from events and 1/2 AP promotions, it is cross-confirmed with the official Japanese FGO website so the 1/2 AP information should be correct.

Unfortunately, prior to GilFest there’s only 15 caster secret gems in events to my knowledge, all from quests and missions in the Fate/Accel Zero Order rerun. Otherwise your best chance is the caster dailies at 52.1 APD.

ah well

not like I was planning to farm them anyways, so no loss for me

weird how that never got fixed tho

Do… do you mean there’s literally only 15 Gold Caster Gem in the entire game that does not come from the dailies? No other event had them? But why…

pretty sure they just mean from now to gilfest

either way, you want to do lottos for gold gems. any amount for any class you can get from events outside of lottos is worthless by comparison

I meant explicitly from now until GilFest, which is only a month and two events (including this one). Overall there will be 105 caster secret gems from the events for 2020, which is actually a pretty good year.

2021 is really abysmal in comparison (30 gems). And this year for JP (which will be 2022 for us), there’s been 30 thus far as well. This is almost shockingly bad, to the point that I wouldn’t mind someone double-checking the event pages for me! But I think the numbers are correct.

Anyway, the bulk of your gems should come primarily from lottos, it seems. Previous lottos occasionally had statues rather than gems; from now on, every lotto seems to have only gems, which is a fair enough tradeoff, I guess. But in exchange the event shops after this year are primarily statues.

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Do you know how many secret caster gems out of the 105 in 2020 did we already get?

There’s only 25 left for the year (15 for Fate/Zero rerun, 10 for Xmas in the Underworld rerun), so 80 so far. You can check the compendium expansion mentioned above for details, I put gems in the last 7 columns.

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Yeesh Skadi ate too much into my stash. I’ve never farmed Caster gems before so it’s dead empty after her. Well it’s not like I’m using CasGil that often but still a level 10 team Arts up would be nice for my Sieg looping needs.