Is Gala Cait Sith good for Veronica?

It does immensely increase her damage, but I’m not sure she’ll be able to keep up the combos. She’ll kill anything with 15 Gespensts anyways, but as a staff unit, it might not be viable. It’s my best option rn, but I’m trying to think ahead.

Andromeda and Barbatos exist and have better synergy but Cait Sith is still a solid dragon for her.

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Cait Sith is the best option for most dark units.

Cait Sith is 180% damage on skills with some upkeep, and wand units fill the combo counter requirement really easily.
Andromeda gives 80% attack while active.
Barbatos is really not worth considering, 60% attack when active.

The highest damage character on the sim is Veronica with cat (Candy Courtiers, Howling, Memory of a Friend, Luck of the Draw (25% buff time), Plaguebringer; delphi for poison, any blade, any bow). the sim is kind of famously broken right now, but they both put out very similar numbers. or at least both setups have DPS bars that extend beyond my screen.

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