Is garchomp that good in pokemon go? And what does the future hold for pogo

The future of Dragon type pokemon

I’ve not used one yet (haven’t even found a Gible), but based on the numbers, it’s pretty good. With Dragon Tail/Outrage, it performs similarly to Dragonite though with more overall bulk by virtue of higher HP. With Mud Shot/Earthquake, its DPS sits in between Rhyperior and Groudon. I imagine it’s also pretty good in Master League PvP with Mud Shot/Outrage/Earthquake.

Almost inevitably, Gible will end up getting a community day event down the line, which could give it access to a new and improved move such as Earth Power or Dragon Rush (I think that’s the one). So if you find a good IV Gible, the real question (which only you can answer) will be should you evolve it now, or save it for that eventual community day.

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And/or catch a highish level one and do a lucky trade, then wait and wait some more.

You would be correct.

I feel with the dragon raids well behind up, I mean seriously, we just had the latis, giratina both forms, palkia, rayquaza and dialga, I dont think they’ll be back for a good while, so I dont think we will be in any need for dragons for a while. Ground on the othe hand (er, claw?), hahahaha, theres a reason groudon lagged machamp’s damage agaisnt dialga, ground’s moves arent good for raids, unless we get a rerun of raikou/heatran, so I think gible’s safe staying it little landshark head self, or maybe gabite for GL until the time’s needed for its CD (and even if they come back, I dont think the slight a damage boost it has over rhyperior or groudon because of its typing are worth the potential consequences for evolving before a CD)
Masters on the other hand…that is another matter, since its moveset is fantastic. I think any assessments should be made following Swampert’s CD, since it also has MS/EQ, and will likely be getting the powerful and fast hydrocannon for shield breaking and solid chip damage. And with blaziken getting blaze kick, we have no idea what muddy water might hold.

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Yes, we’ve had a few recently, but there’s Zekrom, Reshiram, and Kyurem (regular, black and white) that should be coming in Gen5. Given that we’re running out of Gen4 legendaries (Regigigas is the only one left AFAIK), and that we still haven’t seen the Gen3 Mythical Jirachi, I can’t help but think that G5 is coming.

We dont know when they will come out, we could very well get a carchomp CD before then, given we still have regigigas, likely a mewtwo shiny rerun, and all the deoxys forms in standard raids before we get to gen 5 at the soonest. The patern of pseudolegendary CD’s is every four months, and the Deoxys forms on their own are a four month spacer. We could very well get them before a garchomp CD, but I was more so meaning of the dragons in gens currently in the game, gen 5 isnt out yet, and considering they just finished gen 4 (more or less) I dont think we’ll see a gen 5 even teaser for at least…half a year?

Also sidenote, kyurem is dragon ice, which garchomp, dragonite, salamence and rayquaza are all deathly allergic to, leave that one to metagross

There’s no way each Deoxys forme is getting a month to itself. Like the lake trio there wouldn’t be enough interest to sustain raids longer than a month, MAYBE two. My guess is they’ll do what they did the week all three birds were in raids, where the raid eggs had 15 minute timers with the bosses themselves having 90 minute ones. That’s assuming they dump all 4 in the same month + a week time frame Mewtwo had. Otherwise maybe two formes one month, two the next - who knows? A full month each seems incredibly unlikely.

I would also advocate Metagross over the dragons to take on Kyurem. Not only does it actively resist ice instead of fainting at the slightest mention of it, Metagross also resists the other half of its STAB attacks instead of being weak to them. No telling what its third charge move would be, but assuming at least 2/3 are STAB you’re better off benching the dragons in most cases.

They’re going to need to put it into standard raids some how.

They did a full summer of the regi’s, they may have learned from regisummer, but I’m willing to be they will do something more than just a single day release of them, it will be some sizable length of time.

I could see Deoxys being released in regular t5 raids for a month, but not much longer than that. My guess is they’ll either give each Forme one week in the spotlight, or have all four out at once for the month (dear Arceus, please not that last option).

Also, I’m still not convinced that we won’t see Darkrai as a raid boss at some point. Niantic would be silly to limit it to special research (they could totally do it, but they’d be leaving money on the table doing so), and I strongly feel that Arceus will be our next EX raid boss once Deoxys rotates out. That leaves Darkrai either as a normal t5 raid boss or a special release for an event.

Also, since we’re moving in to summer, I expect that we’ll see several more returning raid bosses, specifically those with missing shiny variants. So I think there’s some time before we see Gen 5 Legendaries. Never underestimate Niantic’s ability to stretch out content. :yum:


They put Mewtwo in raids for a month as an “Ultra Unlock” for all of the summer tasks being completed.
This was a good reward that excited people: Mewtwo is one of the best pokemon in the game, we all wanted loads of candy for it, it can be traded (and thus can be lucky), it is hugely meta relevant and has a wide-variety of move sets.

If they do a parallel this summer with the 3 beasts each having a raid day - that part would be awesome. Pretty lame that those of us who missed the original release of Raikou don’t get one higher than level 15 (and more than 1 per week to get good IVs) for so long (and when we do it’s only for a day), but little and late is better than none and never.

However if the ultra unlock is a month of Deoxys in normal raids? That wouldn’t be an unlock, that would be a punishment. We’d “win” delaying more desirable raid bosses by a month. No thanks. Is it possible they give it to us anyways? Yes. 4 months though? No way in hell. Would bet a very significant amount of money against four months of Deoxys raids as our primary T5 boss. I’d say it’s marginally possible that each Deoxys form gets a month ALONGSIDE a second tier 5 raid option, or with a crap-ton of raid events (like literally every week).

That doesn’t mean in the least that we don’t have a huge spacing though:
The legendary beasts may each get a raid day to release the shiny - but they could also get up to a month each (or more likely, a month combined) of regular raids instead / as well. Releasing the Shiny will draw enough people out to raid.
Azelf/Uxie/Mesprit could rotate. Unless I’ve missed it, there hasn’t been an official announcement saying they’re permanently regional. In my head at least, they’re likely more like the beasts release that rotated regions.
Mewtwo shiny and signature move are both yet to be released.
Regigas is still to come.
The three Regis also will likely get Shinies released, although I’d imagine that’s summer 2020 in raid day fashion if we get the beasts like that this year.
Rayquaza still needs a shiny, and only made a weekend return rather than a full month. And has a signature move.
Kyogre and Groudon have signature moves.
Cresselia, Giratina-A, Dialga, or Palkia, could easily return with a shiny before gen 5 comes out. We had Kyogre return before Gen 4 started to release.
Then of course there’s Arceus (likely to be ex-raid-boss though) and Darkrai (possibly a special event but Niantic would be idiotic to not cash-in on putting him in raids. Darkrai should be the ultra-unlock instead of Deoxys to be honest).

There are enough legendaries with signature moves and shiny variants to put at least a year-and-a-half of raids out there before Niantic “needs” to move on to Gen 5. Of course, Gen 5 will likely start about a year after Gen 4 did - my money would be on Azelf/Uxie/Mesprit rotations, Regigas, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, and a month-long ultra unlock (hopefully Darkrai, but possibly Deoxys / Beasts) as the next 6 months of raids followed by gen 5.

ok, but my point was more so on a dragon offense garchomp wont be needed, not a plan out of the future of raids, I was overgeneralizing. My point was that a double dragon garchomp wont be needed since the bulk of the raids you would want a dragon for, ie other dragons, have passes recently, (and outrage mence who is debatably better) and that theres not much, if anything lost by not evolving them until a CD happens.

But wow that was some really thorough analysis. Personally I think the ‘ultra bonus’ was something that was happening with or without the goals being reached, I remember hearing something before the moltres day or maybe zapdos? where we didnt even reach the criteria for the unlock but still got it. Mewtwo’ and the birds were just too marketable for niantic to resist giving us to throw money at even if we didnt hit the rewards criteria. It’d be kinda like throwing money away

Yes to be fair I went way off topic.

I think Garchomp makes it because:
it’s cool
it’s top-tier, even if there are loads of contenders / slightly betters

Many will power one up just to have it show on the top page of their CP-list.

As for the ultra-unlock:
I’m not entirely sure… I heard that we reached everything for each of the birds by a mile. Those cases had explicit rewards for each requirement and the raid-day-bonus for all regions meeting it. We got all of the individual rewards. Surely if one failed, they wouldn’t have given us the stardust/candy/xp/whatever and just gave the raid-day anyways?
For Mewtwo-month… really don’t know. The thing is, I think the “requirement” is low enough that we’ll get it anyways. So yes, it’s sort of guaranteed. However you can’t market it as a reward if it isn’t one. Player backlash is something companies learn to handle once it gets out of control one or two times, and Niantic has had their share of problems. Releasing Deoxys for a month as an “ultra-unlock” would receive a lot of backlash I think.

I remember a while back talking to my friends about soemthign like this, and one of us said something like of the dragons, dragonite might be top tier damage, but its actually on the lower end of dragon damage outout now. It kinda got us thinking most of what we have been getting lately has been top tier even if it isnt the single best, BB and even nonlegacy blaziken, GK roserade and FB sceptile, HC gatr, OR mence, mamoswine, honchkrow, you throw a rock at a list of fully evolved pokemon, chances are you’re going to hit something that fits under ‘top tier’. We’ve kinda just gotten so much stuff thats been outstanding lately.

I feel like regardless of how deoxys is released outside EX raids will cause issues, if its a research pokemon will complain because they want better legendaries or shiny possible (see shedinja after we all got the entry), add them to raids we get regisummer and lake trio-esque complaints of dex filler legendaries, even something like a raid day will be get its share of issues because some might not make it, or people just wont want to raid it. truth be told, I’m not sure there’s any ‘good’ was to release deoxys that wont cause an uproar in some way, shape or form

I don’t disagree with you in the slightest, but this is Niantic we’re talking about. They chose Deoxys to be the follow-up to Mewtwo for EX raids (which is like giving someone a glass of their favorite drink and following it up with some lukewarm water that you just peed in). When it’s all said and done, Deoxys will have been our EX raid boss for nearly a year, which yielded much lower interest/attendance rates than Mewtwo did. Niantic doesn’t always have the best grasp on what their players want.

That said, your idea of Darkrai being this year’s ultra unlock reward would be a really, really cool idea.

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There aren’t many new legendaries left to release but we havent had shiny dogs, shiny regis, and a handful of other shiny legendaries plus no signature moves for Kyogre and Groudon. Theres a lot of options for T5 raids before G5.

Raid days, Bonus Xp and stardust and increased incubator effectiveness events are absolute cash cows…

Trust me whatever goals Niantic sets are extremely doable … Never mind the fact they aren’t verifiable so even if we didn’t achieve them there is nothing preventing Niantic from simply saying we did and cashing in on all that increased lucky egg, star piece, incubator, and raid pass sales…

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Garchomp would be a lot better if it wasn’t released so late in PoGo’s timeline.

It has tons of competition on both of its STABs. Groudon is a better Ground attacker, Rayquaza and legacy Salamence are better Dragon attackers.

Garchomp is unremarkable on defense. It doesn’t really have a good defensive charge move, has a huge weakness to Ice, and can’t touch a Fairy type attacker at all.

Garchomp doesn’t really have much of a niche in PvE.

In PvP, Garchomp is formidable in Master League. Does that actually mean something? Does anyone actually have Master League PvP tournaments?

Garchomp is a top tier annihilator on paper, but in practice, it’s nothing special, unfortunately.

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A month of Deoxys isn’t a punishment for those that don’t have on yet…Which is probably the overwhelming majority of players… Not having anything Meta relevant to raid sucks for me and other speed raiders, people that short man raids, do draft leagues, unique six or players that are more Meta focused … But we are a tiny minority the vast majority of players are more than happy to spend money on Dex completion and shiny hunting…

The vast majority of players in my discord and Facebook groups happily shifted from doing legendary raids to raiding for shiny Pokémon and they all seem to be enjoying it immensely… No need to organize large groups, easily done with low level trash Pokémon, don’t need to drop everything and rush across town to be there when the egg hatches, are all common themes on social networks… I just don’t believe things need to be the best of the best to get the player base excited and spending money so a month of Deoxys is a definite possibility

First of all, how does anybody already have one since it just came out and it’s a rare PKMN. Second of all, Garchomp isn’t nearly as good as people try to make it seem like. Great types good moves, horrible MEGA EVOLUTION, and pretty good stats I suppose. Might just have to wait and see.

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People who spoof caught Gible within a few hours of it coming out (though spoofing is hella cheating, so I wouldn’t recommend it). Areas that have scanner coverage typically found them within a few days, as did those who are a part of large Discord groups with lots of people to call out spawns. In my area, in particular, there’s a small neighborhood that was one of the infamous “Mt. Moon” biomes that used to spawn Dragonite and other rare Mons frequently back in the day. When the weather is windy in-game, Gible likes to spawn in a few specific areas there (it’s still not common though). A couple days ago, two got called out spawning on the same street!

So if you have access to a group where people actively call out spawns and the weather is windy, those are your best odds for finding a Gible. They improve from there if you’re hunting in the right biome.

In terms of stats, typing, and moves, Garchomp is fantastic. It has good bulk, high attack, and the best Dragon moveset it could ask for. The only thing that makes it less fantastic in practice is the fact that there’s a lot of competition on the Dragon front. In PvE, Garchomp is just a bulkier Dragonite, so it doesn’t really stand out…yet. An eventual Gible community day is all but inevitable, so those who patiently wait to evolve one will probably end up with a much more useful Garchomp.