Is Gengar worth using an Elite Fast TM on?

I have a Gengar that I’m ready to level up and use for Mega Gengar. It has Shadow Claw currently, but I’m wondering if Lick is a good enough fast move to justify using an Elite Fast TM on it to acquire it.

If it’s only used as a ghost attacker, Shadow Claw is often slightly better. But if you plan to use it as a poison attacker as well, then Lick is the overall better choice.

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I’m always super cautious using ETMs, they’re my insurance policy for investing heavily in shiny top tier stuff now.

For this though, I’d say give it a go, EFTMs are so rarely useful (you can get 1 for less than 1 pound/dollar/euro (insert local equivalent) with the CD mini-ticket and another for the stock 1280 coin box, plus an ECTM in each.

Granted I have the patience of a…very patient thing…so I’ve always waited for events to get elite moves, but I now have 13 EFTMs. I’d say this:

  1. You can get around 10-15 of each ETM per year through CDs, GoFest, GBL, random events etc

  2. Elite moves are coming out so slowly, I can’t see any pressing need for loads in the near future, even if any new elite moves are fast moves seeing as the preference appears to be for elite moves to be charged moves.

  3. Gengar has had a lot of events already, Halloween has just gone, Johto event will likely cover the majority of elite move stuff this quarter, so it’s unlikely to see light any time soon.

  4. Shadow Punch Gengar is a feature this weekend. Lick was only ever, as far as I recall, an evolution move once about 3 years ago so it’s unlikely to get a charmander-esque bonus event any time soon

Counter arguments:

  1. Is lick so different that it will change the performance noticeably? Shadow Claw is generally accepted as better, certainly no worse in most scenarios.

  2. Can you trade for one? As you’re looking to use it for a mega, maybe a lucky trade for one of the costume and/or shinies?

  3. As a mega, the main bonus is the giant 30% damage boost throughout everyone in the raid, why worry about the small percentages?

  4. As @Elastic_Space says, Lick helps more poison side, but to do so for max benefit you need others in the raid to forego using steel vs poison and fire/flying/ice vs grass, all of which are better performance-wise and have supportive megas too.

In PVE I’m reaching charge moves faster with Lick, whereas in PVP I’m reaching them faster with Claw.

I think you wanted to say using steel vs fairy.

Personally, I‘d say it‘s not really worth the Elite TM, as the difference is really small, so you probably won‘t notice any difference at all between Shadow Claw and Lick. And as others have stated, while Lick is better for Sludge Bomb, you‘ll rarely (if at all) need Gengar as a Poison Attacker. We‘d be better off hoping it gets Poison Jab some day.

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You won today’s “spot tge deliberate mistake” competition.

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Just looked up the difference lick would make in the zacian raid. It’s about 20 seconds in a raid, divided by 18 (so many mega gengars you would need for the whole raid) - it’s only one second better than hex, the 2ñd best option. Plus, as said above: poison is rarely needed and if you wanna bring that spice to pvp GBL ML, better use shadow claw. So: NO!!

Thanks for the advice everyone. I’ll just stick with Shadow Claw since the differences are so small it’s hardly worth it.

Maybe it’s worth it but do you really need it? Shadow Claw is pretty much on par, maybe it’s slightly more powerful, but Lick gives more dodgeability, which Gengar could surely use. Also Lick has better energy generation so if you’re using Gengar in a Poison raid (e.g. Tackle-Close Combat Xerneas) you could fire more Sludge Bombs off.
Fast ETMs are less valuable bc there’s not much PvE use for them, I can only see Tyranitar, and with a stretch also Gengar and Zapdos. So if you like it to have Lick, yeah go for it, it’s not a bad move, it’s not a bad choice and you won’t be missing that Fast ETM. On the other hand, it won’t be that big of an improvement for your Gengar