Is getting SSRs to 90 worth it?

Been playing FGO for almost a year now and I’ve only max leveled 4-stars and below because of how difficult it is to level 5-stars to max in comparison. As of right now I’ve got 6 SSRs sitting at level 80 and max ascension, but the steep leveling progress from 80 to 90 is a bit offputting. If leveling to 90 is worth it, who should I prioritize between these 6?
Nero Bride
Jack the Ripper
Tamamo Lancer
Cu Alter
Jeanne Alter

Both Cu alter and Shuten have what’s called a Reverse S leveling curve, meaning they will get relatively more out of those last 10 levels than the others would. That said, level the one you rely most on first.

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in general, yes. any little stat boost can help

more elaborately though, the amount of value you’d get would be based on growth curves. reverse s would get the biggest jump at the end and s the worst

for more info and to be able to see where all servants fall, you can look here

also, you can check the growth tables on any individual servant’s page on gamepress’ site to see just how big or small a jump they will get going from 80>90. with the actual (non-fou’d) numbers too. just hover over the markers on the graph


This is just in my experience, but if you expect to use the servant a lot, I would recommend max leveling them. For example, I leveled my Jeanne to level 90 almost immediately because I thought I would frequently use her, but I still have Medb and Tesla at 80.

Okay, this actually helps quite a bit. As of now, I’m leveling some of my 3-1 stars for utility and ease, but the reverse s growth SSRs are definitely going up in my leveling queue. Thanks to both you and Demos_Mirak, I have a better understanding of growth curves. :fgo_umu:

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