Is giving Pegasus Flight to a +2 Dithorba worth it?

Dithorba is an interesting woman, a fighting mother, and I like Genealogy a lot, however, due to having more merge priorities, she will not have a lot of merges, when I have the time I will give her +2 merges, my grails are for another unit, another thing that took my interest in her is that she has a niche in being a good pegasus flight user, so I want to know if she can inherit it despite only going to have 2 merges, as I already have three offensive lance flyers, and one who will soon be a defensive one
Of course I’m not going to give the skill now, but in a future when I finish more merge projects, I will see if I can give her a space in the barracks


It depends honestly

If you are going to use her a lot, then I would do it. She has good Spd and Res and it works well with her statline

If you aren’t going to use her a lot, then no. It would better to keep it for another project down the line if you aren’t going to use her because who knows who will come next. A character you like could come along and be someone you want to give Pegasus Flight too

I would say, for right now, until you fully consider it, hold on to the Pegasus Flight until you know for sure that this is something you want to do


Pegasus flight is quite rare and depends on having a lot of two different stats, so personally I wouldn’t give it to someone unless I’m merging them up a lot. But it’s up to you.


Gotta have lots of stats, and that comes with merges mostly. So I’d personally only give it to a merge project.

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Dithorba runs PF very well with higher merges. If you can’t give her those merges, or inflate her stats to compensate, youre better off holding onto the fodder. PF Dithorba is actually my current project but I need to pull more fodder.