Is groudon or rhyperior better


Pokemon go hub shows that rhyperior has better dps and tdo than groudon but everyone uses groudon so is rhyperior or groudon a better ground pokemon?

Pokemon Go Hub is wrong. Groudon has better DPS and TDO than Rhyperior.

Ok ty

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Hi, even if you like Rhyperior i would prefer to choose Groundon as Ground att, because rhyhorn is best candidate for rock CD in near future, so save rhyhorn candies. :slight_smile:

You also have to look at the defender…

Take Heatran for example both Rhyperior and Groudon are great attackers but not one is clearly the best…

If Heatran has:

FireSpin/Fire Blast: Rhyperior is the best

but for example if heatran has:
Fire Spin/Flamethrower: Garchomp is the best
or Bug Bite/Stone Edge: Excadrill is the best

So you see it is very difficult to tell wich one is the best purely by looking at the numbers in some cases the numbers to not tell the whole story.

But with neither Groudon or Rhyperior you would go wrong as a ground attacker.


After lots battle vs Heatran, Rhyperrior is overall best option IMHO. Mist of time you face fire moves which he resist and often Stone Edge( which both resist, but Excadrill is better anyway here). Only vs Iron Head( i faced this only 3 times on almost 30 tries) Rhyperior isnt good, but again, Excadrill is better than Groudon here.

Groudon is much faster than rhyperior is one reason but rhyperior is best suited as a rock type attacker than ground

Have abouth 1.5-2% better DPS and lower TDO( v s fire set much lower) , so much faster isnt a good word here. Only vs Iron Head share top with Excadrill

Mud Shot is a much faster move than Mud Slap. While it might seem like a simple trade-off between DPS and TDO, Mud Shot makes it much easier for Groudon to dodge incoming charged moves, which gives it much higher TDO in practice than in theory.

If you’re too lazy to dodge, then any difference between them will be subsumed by type advantage. Just like Steel, a Rock typing hurts as often as it helps. For any given fight, the winner should be clear.