Is he ready to close counter?

I don’t know if I need wait to finish merge him or I do it now


He can make use of Close Counter, but I would personally run a different build.

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For example?

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Ditch Seal Atk for QR or Null C-Disrupt

I don’t have null c distrup

QR in the B slot and Distant Defense seal then?

Ok i Will try it

CC Robin 1

This is probably the most popular CC Robin build. He’s able to reach at least 40 defense on enemy phase, up to 46 with 3 people next to him, 52 with a +6 defense buff.

CC Robin 2

This is the Vantage build. Attack on player phase and deal AoE chip damage, then nuke low HP foes on enemy phase while fully buffed.

Those are the main two builds that I feel are worth talking about for a CC build (I’m sure I’m forgetting some though).

Oh, forgot the Special Spiral build, although that’s fairly expensive.

I have a lewyn with especial espiral, the problem is that he have a perfect iv(+vel-def)

Well you CAN do it but I’d suggest some different skills. That build is all over the place…

I’d recommend Blarowl (cheap) or Blarblooms (expensive) for a CC Robin build. B skill should be QR. I highly recommend the Atk/Def Bond seal as it goes hand in hand with Blarowl and Blarblooms’ requirements.

Also, Blazing Thunder on a unit with only 45 Attack is pretty pathetic in practice. You’ll do way more damage with Bonfire.

For reference, this is what I use on my F-Robin. I use Renewal because I like that skill and her Speed gets well into the 40s with the help of her support partner, Takumi, lessening the need for QR.

I Will going to try every build that I see I have everything to do them, but now I Will going to use the vantage build