Is Hijikata not all that popular?

I ask because for a rerun event, I am seeing far less MLB shop currency CEs than I would expect. Just one person on my friends list has one, and “shopping” for them on non-friend supports has not been very successful. Even non-MLB copies seem quite uncommon, and usually not many on lineups.

This makes me think that people have not pulled very hard on this banner.

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It’s not that he’s not popular.
It’s that the Servants to come are much more popular.
We’re getting Skadi, Okita Alter and all the Summer Servants in the next 2-3 months.
People rather skip on him to save SQ in order to have better chances for those Servants.


depends on who you have friended


It’s not only that, it’s just that even when I look at the randoms that show up on the support list, even seeing a non-MLB copy is not very likely. Plus, this being a rerun, I would have expected quite a few copies from last year as well. Maybe the same could be said of last year, but as there’s always servant banners coming up that people are interested in (though yeah, Skadi is a big one for this year, but the summer servants seemed to be just as big in aggregate last year), it just seems to me that he’s not a priority for many.

Not my experience, while MLB event gacha CE for GudaGuda 2 seem rare, I have a good number of people on FL with non-MLB copies and about a dozen Hijikatas on zerker tab.
But overall I agree - this year anniv banner is big one for meta, plus the ever popular summer banners are out soon… Another problem with his banner is that it does not have any story-locked or limited SR servants on rate up, nor any cool CE like Okita banner with PG


Edison though. But I guess he doesn’t have the best reputation, so nevermind that.


Yep :man_facepalming: I even forgot that he exists :sweat_smile:

So my point still stands I guess…


I see a total of 5 Hijikatas on my Friends list and about 13 friends with one or more copies (only one with MLB). This is out of about 60 who have been active during the event (I don’t punt people regularly for inactivity).

It just seems like I had more luck finding MLB CEs for rerun events in the past.

As someone who doesn’t pull much at all on banners, event CEs on the support list are a major QoL benefit :slight_smile:


Well, hijikata have a few hardcore fan, but not much common for the rest. Heck, even I do not have him in my friend list, and he is np2

Isn’t that he is not popular is because

  1. the next servants are more popular (Skadi, Okita Alter, the summer servants, Brynhild)
  2. roll hard in a rerun banner have the bad thing that almoust all the ce’s of this banner will be kinda useless after the event so rolling hard for this ce’s isn’t all that useful

I mean I dipped my feet in Hijikata’s banner and got him after a multi and on my fourth ticket. He’s really awesome, but I think more people roll for waifu/ meta versus awesome guy servants.

Also there was reason to believe that Okita’s banner was going to come soon after the start of Guda 2 rerun but before the start of Guda 3. Okita is such a great saber, and on top of that there’s the PG hype, where apparently prior to this banner only veterans owned a copy or more of PG.

I own a copy of PG since first Guda event, suffice to say I havent used it since Guda 1 rerun. I’m sure its a great CE, but Ive been too lazy to unlock its potential.

So yeah, Hijikata has alot competition for peoples’ quartz.

hiji also not popular cause not ft. on just about anything outside of guda2. pretty sure i haven’t seen him ANYWHERE else not to mention he doesn’t have much interesting about him even tho he was pretty cool near end of guda2 but hey sometimes the smallest thing is enough to make him a fav in pplz eyes.

He also had a scene or two (shared with Okita) during Summer 2 and Nerofest last year


He kind of sucks honestly he flimsy since he’s a berserker and gets his best damage when he is low on health so very likely to die, it’s just a bit of a hard combo. His design is a bit cool but nothing I’m personally attached to. Essentially he isn’t a great servant, doesn’t have a cool design and isn’t a hot girl so dont know why anyone would roll for him besides husbando collectors.

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He is always surrounded by popular characters on rage up or in the story (basically Nobu or Okita so no matter what he just kinda get overshadowed. Maybe if had a more of a focus role like The count of monte Cristo? Idk. Berserkers usually also have a hard tile being fan favorites anyway cause how most personality in the berserker class work… Not saying people don’t love them cause I love me ZERK okay. But if you compare the class overall to other class. They seem that popular as a class over another. Might be inaccurate. Maybe it would make a good pole (Character wise) Gameplay wise what they want you to do with him to maximize his damage is not easy