Is Hit and Run seal too OP?

Does anyone think that Hit and Run, drag back and Lunge are OP for seals? I dont think Vantage will ever be a thing in seals but i could be wrong. Tell me what you guys think about this. Do you think they are all OP?

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As long as they don’t stack with the same skill in the B-slot (like moving back 2 spaces with double Hit and Run) I think they’d be totally fine.

Yeah what Ban Ban said, if they don’t stack they don’t matter. At least for hit and run and knock back.

Lungs and drag back (especially lunge) would be seriously amazing skills for ARD. Imagine having a cav being able to run and lull and lunge. That’d be amazing. Imagine WoM’ing in, and lunging lol. That’d be janky but an honestly good strat.


Honestly, I only see it being a major problem in Ar-d. That mode where you only have to take out one enemy for the player to lose like 80% of their effectiveness, many players quit out, and also you can design your exact defense including terrain.

I think outside of that game mode, giving up stats or whatever seal is central to your strategy is too much of a loss.

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The movement skills would be just fine as seals. Honestly, most skills would be better as seals because it leaves the slot open for another skill which is more useful. The movement ones would be far from OP.

I think now is the best time to introduce these seals. Id love to see them with these new b slot skills. Hopefully IS will give us the chance.


The current TT has pretty obscure seals so I could see it happen :feh_excidunn: