IS is controlling The Actual five star rate at the background?

In the current bramimond banner, I was trying to focus on colourless heroes but after hundreds of orbs, the system weirdly only dropped 4 L!robins and then tried again and another 3L!robins appeared with a Brave Camilla. During this time I was asking costumer support, and the respond is very vague.
I was directly asking was the IS sneakingly control the rate of new hero’s. And the response:

I tried last time, and bramimond dropped and he is plus Hp minus Res

The is very abnormal rate if three of the colourless hero’s share same rate with each other.
Wondering what you guys think? And I was questioning according to the response regarding “the system trying to make sure every player get different result”, that clearly suggests some banner the player will not get some hero as normal rate cos the system will prevent that happens by narrowing down some popular/new heroes dropping gate.
Very disappointed

Giving this a sub-category due to the OP not reading it in the first place.

Is that why I didn’t get Annette??

If that’s true though that really sucks, but it does kind of make sense



It’s called RNG


Been there, dropped like 1750 orbs on Lif’s banner and literally got 2 Lifs, 7 Byleths and like 14 L!Eliwoods for 5* Reds.

Really wack RNG i guess


A couple “abnormal” events are nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to probability. From the sound of it, out of 9 focus units of a certain color, you got a spread of 7/1/1. While not expected, but think about this: you flip a coin 9 times and get 7 heads. You suspect something is up so you try another 9 times and get 4 heads. There was nothing wrong with the coin, you were just lucky/unlucky depending on how you view it.


remembers the banner I got 14 S!Cordelia before getting 4 L!Lucina

First time?




It’d make sense to regulate the rates so things don’t become too easy, but then again it feels less like a conspiracy and more like reading too much into the response.

Who really knows? If they are, then IS (or DeNA) is shit. If they aren’t, then RNG is shit. In either case, gacha is shit


People: Get bad RNG
GaMe MuSt Be RiGgId!


Surpisingly enough some app games actually track how much you pull before giving you something worth of value and yes they also track how much money you’ve paid them to adjust your pulls, wont suprise me if IS has this feature but at least they are more generous than most out there if they do.

That’s more or less how slot machines (and other games like claw machines) work. Fun fact.


I would love to join the conspiracy theorists and give IS the stink eye, but RNG is just RNG. I do FEEL like the new hot unit is harder to get, but I also feel like the unit I want is hardest to get… So it’s perspective. Imagine if you wanted F! Robin’s, you’d feel lucky.


over the long term, aggregate summoning rates seem to hold up i.e. if you don’t know the orb’s color or anything about it.

but once we see an orb’s color, most of us by now mentally adjust our odds depending on orb color. or if we have a 4 person or 3 person banner, etc. is this consistent with the advertised focus rate? uh, sure. naw, not really. technically, maybe? the email response is more confusing than anything. doesnt help that the person probably had no clue what they were saying.

it doesn’t have to be random-random in the popular sense. a regular computer with deterministic bit logic cannot generate truly random numbers, but regardless, IS has zero obligation to fit odds to customer expectations past not explicitly contradicting the single number on the banner focus. let’s play a game - come up with as many distributions of summons that are consistent with a 3% focus rate over some number of orbs as you possibly can. actually, don’t, you’ll be here forever.

generally speaking, you can assume companies in these scenarios will walk right up to the line dividing unethical and ethical behavior.


guess so but the fun is L!robin seems too many out there this time for me lol that’s really out of expectation

Emmmm sorry I didn’t expected RNG befroe lol it’s my first card game :sweat_smile:

Nah no need to apologize :feh_maristare:

It’s easy to get caught up in superstitions in these sort of games.

But in the end it’s all luck anyways, nothing more to it


Totally feel that same situation tho and also good IVs rarer than other ones

This is a banner with 3-unit color sharing on every color, so just RNG being RNG. :slot_machine:

Emmmmm I doubt it’s how u calculate Probabilities.
Let’s say this banner.
Each three heroes for a colour that make 12 unites shared rates.
And given five star dripping rate which is 0.08
Which means this probability of result shows legendary level of rareness.
And also let’s calculate the possibilities of dropping 4 L!robins, one Brave Camilla and also three L!robins And another Bramimond.
Let’s given I’m targeting only colourless: 1/12 * 4 = 1/3
And neglect the order (Cos if out the order into consideration we would get even impossibly small possibility number) of the result shown:
We wanna get 7 robins + 1 Camilla + 1 bramimond out of 9 five star pulls no matter of the orders of each.
The chance of get this out of 9 five stars = 0.08 * [(1/3)^7] * [2*(1/3)^2] * (7!/9!) = 1/8857350 = 0.0000001129
And that why I suspect the system is preventing new/popular cards drop as the seemingly balanced rate as they promised.

I mean, on the other side of the spectrum, @The_Ark seems to be able to +10 these new legendary heroes in ~800 orbs. Proof by contradiction. It’s just RNG lmao.