Is it better to farm exp gems on weekend?

I noticed highest difficulty node (25 AP) on weekend only drops tier 3 exp gems instead of tier 2 & 3 mix together like weekdays, is it better to focus on farming exp gems on weekends and farming mats on weekdays?

And about AP potions, do you usually keep them or just use them on regular farming?

for the first point, even if its a mix of tier 2 and tier 3
its still just 2 classes, as compared to all 5 classes dropping, thus lowering the amt of exp per class you’ll get on average, so idk
farming on weekdays is still better

as for the ap potion, its up to you
personally, i use up as much ap potions as a i can get back as personal stories give the 50 ap potion back after every 3rd node, so there wont be a net loss

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the way I see it, is weekdays would be any regular gems/books/orbs farming; weekends would be bonus farming

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