Is it just me, or

B!Michiah has deceptively fast PP attacks.

Debuff -6 SPD to enemy, +6 speed to self. Another +6 from Azura or Hone Flyers. I could even mess around and give her Sparrow 3, +7. She has 34 visible but initiates with 47 (effective 53). If you have a SPD boon, she literally can DOUBLE her speed from a neutral B!Michiah. Her attack vs. debuffed targets is 57 visible (effective 69). Am I going crazy here, or did IS simply give her no weak offensive stats during the Player Phase?
And even on EP, that’s still 34/37 (effective 46/49) SPD depending on your choice of boons and 57 (effective 63) ATK.

Obviously, this is best case scenario, but what did IS make man? This looks like a monster with just very minimal buffing from allies (since ATK Tactic Seal is now a thing, all of this can happen without Azura even needing to dance or you can just use Hone Flyers as long as they don’t have FF!Corrin or Aversa).

Are we really now in the era where IS could just have an RNG decide a unit stats (where neutral ATK/DEF/RES/SPD are random numbers between 20 and 40 and HP is randomized between 35 and 45) and as long as the skills are good, the character will be good? It feels like base stats only matter for Arena scoring and nothing else.

How do you mean RNG? The positions of the units determine if the debuffs take place not RNG. You can manipulate how the AI behaves. Also if she is on the enemy team you can try to avoid her prf B-skill from activating by not keeping units adjacent to each other.

And how does the HP change?

I was being somewhat facetious. I was saying that if we were to copy B!Michiah’s kit onto a unit with random base stats (within normal ranges) in everything, as long she keeps her current RES, I’d bet that unit is still above average to really good. It feels like base stats don’t matter anymore, outside of Arena scoring.

When I speak of anything Player Phase, it’s always assumed it’s under player control. She’s better in AR-O than AR-D.


I’ve been thinking the same, though I imagine myself handling her. Bows come in handy :thinkinglikelukas: