Is it more efficient to farm boxes with a spawn CE?

Sorry if this has already been asked.
I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fill my party with as much Scholars of Chaldea CEs , since I’ll be placing a K-scope or two on the frontline. I’ll probably equip 3 lotto drop CEs (haven’t properly checked out my line-up for the All Node).
Is it more efficient to just focus on one type of box if it means I sacrifice a lotto drop CE?

In terms of mats, I’m in need of both, but willing to depend on future events to get what I need. I mostly need the QP.

Pretty sure if you need both type of boxes mat, you better off just put as much bonus drop CE as possible and farm both since both boxes also give QP and it is more efficient farming both of them in the long run as you will have 1 extra drop CE compare to if you put one spawn CE in. You should have at least 4 drop CE from the shop before the All node appear, so if by then you still haven’t have any CE drop from quest then you can field in your spawn CE of your choice but if you do have 5 or more drop CE, I suggest putting all of them.

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If you need stuff from both at all, even if one box is more urgent than the other, just ignore the spawn CEs. They still don’t even get you only one enemy type guaranteed, and you take a considerable hit in lotto mats farmed over time.
Eventually you may be glad for the extra mats anyway, when some random sppoks comes along and eats all your reserves of a mat you thought you were good on.


Thanks! I haven’t played the original event, so I’m depending on the shop CEs for bonuses, sadly. I’ll probably just end up equipping pure lotto drop CEs when I get the chance.

True, I have only 1 proof and like 45 bones in my inventory right now. Simultaneously farming both would be great, especially since each box has 4 pieces each. I think I’ve read that the drops tend to favor Fake Manuscripts, but if that’s the case I’ll just cross that bridge when I get there lol.

They definitely favor fakes for sure. Every blue moon fight I’ll get mult true drops, but normally it’s been several fakes.