Is it possible to collect all publishing quest CE?

Pretty much what the question says. For purely completionist purposes I am trying to get all those CEs, but I am afraid I might break the loop if I choose a winning ending on ServaFes day… can anyone shed some light on the matter?

There’s no “winning ending” once you have enough total points to clear the main quest the story gives another doujin that isn’t on the list. After finishing main story if you keep doing free quests the loops happen as well so if you keep farming points/currency you can get them all.

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What happens if you get them all and ServaFes Day comes around again?

Haven’t made it that far yet so I don’t know. :smiley: maybe there’s a doujin that you can always pick.

So to answer my own question, once you’ve published every doujin Day 7 just rolls past.