Is it possible to complete all the singularities without saint quartz summoning?

I just had a thought
Can you complete all the singularities without saint quartz summoning?
I mean, like just having servants from the friend summoning pool and a few welfare servants.


Technically, you can’t One of the tutorials is to roll the gacha

You can. In fact, if you look at the GamePress guides for Challenge Quests, even those always offer a video and suggestions for Low Rarity Servants. Sure, many times you think it’d be so much easier to have those juicy big strong golden servants carrying you to victory, but it’s not as impossible or as extremely hard of a task as it might initially seem.


Sure, there are YouTube channels that specialize in beating the toughest content with only FTP units. Some don’t even use welfares, and a few ONLY use bronzes.


Welcome to the community, and for your question, of course, this game have nothing that you can do this a good strategy after all all the servants are good

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It’s possible, there’s some broken units on the lower rarities. If you factor friend supports, you can just follow a Bond 10 Heracles and laugh at almost every story boss fight… Unless they force you to use certain supps, Shimousa being the worst offender because they force you to use that swordswoman-who’s-name-escapes-me-rn with two skills on neutral scenarios without any niche or outright class disadvantage at one point. You can skip Shimousa though.

If you are going for strict Challenge runs, you need a 2nd account or someone to put what you need at a given time. Then again, they sometimes force you to use 5-stars cuz story demands it :sweat_smile:

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You can. In fact, that’s what I did.

Some of the battles are tough and I needed to use command seals here and there (probably used them more often than what I’d like to), but I cleared all Singularities with only Emiya [Archer] and Martha [Rider] as my gold, non-welfare servants. Both were summoned on the first multi beginning summon.

Started using saint quartz for the first time on Thanksgiving banner last year.


Really? You completed Shimousa, yet you don’t even remember her name? Wow…


I think we all know the name of that female Saber Servant everyone keeps praising and the entire singularity revolves around to the exclusion of all else.

It’s obviously Nero.


And there’s nothing bad about it


I’d want to forget her after that chapter, too.


I know it’s on the tip of my tongue. Just can’t tell who…

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Obviously yes: Use the Saint Quartz for revive instead. No seriously, don’t do that!
You can check out Lone Meteor on YouTube. The guy not only clear the story but nearly all challenge quests with only Bronze (1* and 2*) Servants too.
The issue might be all the farming some event. I don’t know how the guy did that to raise all his bronze servants. You really need that.

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Yes and no.

Can you do it? Yes.

Are you going to enjoy it? Probably not unless you happen to really like those servants.

But hey, there are lots of different types of players. Some only care about mechanics and some only care about aesthetics.

it’s why the advice offered by one type doesn’t really work for players of the opposing type.

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You don’t even have to use silver servants.


Well he ask is was posible to pass the story without SQ summon servants, the the only necesary information is a simple yes, he didn’t say that he dislike the FP gacha servants nor that he isn’t going to use the because reasons, he only wanted to know if he can, and the answer is yes, we know that you don’t like a lot of servants but you only use then for gameplay reasons

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When Jason hits NA I might start a 3rd account with a full bronze setup no grails, no welfares no event ce’s, no mash. The only thing ever stopping me was the fact that there was no Bronze saber. I mean I could sub in a berserker but I don’t believe I’d have the patience to babysit a bronze 60-65 berserker through a cq

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All thanks to Jason, say thanks to Jason