Is it possible to finish Septem - Babylonia before the summer event ends?

I don’t usually play events if I won’t be able to finish it but I didn’t know that in order to finish the summer event I have to finish the last singularity (Babylonia if I’m not wrong). If it was literally any other Servant I wouldn’t really care but I need Ishtar so, is it possible to finish the main storyline in four days supposing I play around 8 hours a day? I’ve watched the anime so I can skip the cinematic of Babylonia. Thanks in advance.

I’m pretty sure you don’t have to beat Babylonia to play this event and get Ishtar, only Fuyuki is required.

Anyway, you can complete the main story in few days but you need to skip all the cutscenes, use a lot of apples and a strong party/strong support (like a Bond 10 Heracles). Especially Camelot can be a problem, but again with the right servants/support you can do it

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I don’t quite understand the question. You only need to clear Fuyuki to participate in the current summer event and the upcoming one. You only need to clear Solomon to access the challenges quests which award gold fous and lore.

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Yeah, I can indeed participate, but I can’t play the last part cos apparently I need to finish the last singularity smh

Are you sure? Can I see a screenshot? So maybe I can help you

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I can play but (unless there was some sort of error) I’m not able to play the last part cos apparently I need to finish the last singularity and I only finished Fuyuki and Orleans. I’ll try doing what you mentioned, luckily I’ll finish on time.

The last singularity requirement is just for the Swimsuit Servants Challenge Quest which rewards a Crystallized Lore. You don’t need to finish the last singularity to proceed with the Summer event as this event only requires you to finish Fuyuki.

If you check the main screen, the second part of the Summer event is labelled “Death Jail Summer Escape” with Nero Caster in the picture. Click that tab in order to access the second part of the event. You need to finish that in order to get Ishtar (Rider) permanently and to get multiple copies for NP5.

Hope this helps!

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This is the Challenge Quest. To play the second part of the event you have to click here (in the main menu)

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Thanks man!

Thanks, I didn’t notice that it was no longer greyed out :smile:

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