Is it possible to raise a welfare servant to LV120 and have maxed append skills?

I currently have 100 coins for Paul Bunyan (Bond LV11), and from what I’ve read, you don’t get their coins from getting dupes in their respective events. Where am I supposed to get the remaining x480 tokens to max out her level and append skills? I really love her, and I want to max out everything.


you have to wait for an event to give them their coins for older welfares (typically via a rerun of some sort)

which for bunyan, she gets her coins with the learning with manga collab that jp had earlier this year (so 2024 for us)

was hoping we would get her coins early because of the statemen rerun, but alas. that said, I was just hoping. I expected not to get them early, and my expectations were right


I see, I hope the event gives enought coins for me to max her out.

On a different note, does this apply to every welfare servant? I missed out on Santa Salter and Halloween Eli, they’re the only welfares i don’t have atm. Will it be possible for me to get them?

Have they even given out coins for welfares in JP yet? Last I heard they haven’t.


Yes, they have been giving welfare coins since the Summer 6 event (Da Vinci Ruler). Enough for raising them to Lv 120 and unlocking their 3 appends.


This only applies to welfares from summer 6 and on

my kagetora is still waiting for coins to 120 :catlie:

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You’ll be able to get Halloween Eli eventually.
Last year there was a recap event on JP that combined the 3 Eli events.

They will also provide a bunch of coins for them.


Dang that sucks.

But as long as I get to make this a reality, I’m not complaining :triumph:


Yo. Nice to meet ya. I have the answer with proof… On my jp account, I have a bond 15 kagetora. The most coins you can get from a welfare servant whose had their rerun prior to 6th anniversary in jp is 180 coins. That’s bond 15. You’ll only be able to unlock 1 append skill and grail to 104,or do what I did and grail them to their limit like so:


Guess I’ll just have to wait for the Learning with Manga collab as per what MUGI said above. I love Bunyan. :two_hearts:


The future ones, yes, the old ones without a future rerun, no (for now at least)
For example, Gray after the Rerun can be 120 plus the three appends

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iirc they give you enough coins to max everything even absent of bond coins