Is it possible to summon a story locked Servant on a Rate Up Banner if you haven't unlocked them?

So assume that Servant X is locked until you complete Y singularity. But there’s a new Z Banner in which Servant X is on rate-up. Can you get that servant on that banner despite not having unlocked him by beating the required singularity?


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Yes, I pulled Cú Alter off CBC when 2 weeks after I had started playing, and I hadn’t started America yet

What storylocked means that they are only available in the story summon pool based on story progression.

Non story banners don’t care about progression. If a storylocked servant is on a rate up, you can summon them. If they aren’t, they might as well be limited because they can’t spook.


OK thanks for the replies but I just have another question. On rate-ups two servants are usually at the forefront with text saying they’re on rate-up. But sometimes there are other Servants shown in the background on that banner. Does that mean they are also on rate-up?

They are also rate up

So yes?

If the Servant is on the banner image then they are currently on rate-up.


When you have doubts about a rate-up, press the Summon info button to see the rate-up schedule

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Multiple servants of the same rarity will share the rate up. A solo SSR gets 0.8%. A pair of SSR split that for 0.4% each. Similar for SRs, but I don’t remember the percents off hand.

R servants are a little different. Any R servant is 40% but the rate up is 4%. Rather than splitting two 2%, multiple R servants all get 4% and the chance of a gen pool is reduced

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casnero, summer jeanne, and summer bb are all on rate up right now. you heard it here, folks. better get rolling if you need any of them

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There was an * there. Really hard to see, but if you squint hard enough it’s there. Or maybe I’m hallucinating. Either way, heck that godforsaken ‘banner’

Sure that you can OP: I have a Caenis NP2 stuck at level 70 (I think) exactly because i have gotten her during her rate up banner but, since I am still in Atlantis Lostbelt, I have no way to fully ascend her.

Because Ascension 4 needs maths found only in Olympus LB.

Considering your normal chance at pulling them is 0.00% yes it is technically a rate-up. A horrible rate-up but still an increase in your chance to pull them then you have on the story banner.