Is it still work to pull serena&delphox?

Hello everybody, is it still worth to pull serena&delphox? Orang should i try piers&obstagoon ? Thanks


Serena and Delphox is the best non pokefair sync pair in the game

Piers is, sadly, very niche reliant and as such he’s not very good but he can work

There is update banner, dragonite and komo o, so who first u think? Thanks

Delphox still better, though that 10% 5* chance is neat especially if you’re lacking 5* pairs.

Still didn’t get delpox after spent 14k dm lol

RNG is very fun to deal with, I spent 24k on Yveltal and got nothing…

Me who spent 1.2 K and got Lysandre

I draw on leon banner but guess what i got, its delphoxxxx !!! Hahahhaha lucky one with last 3k dm